Safety Tips For Travelling Europe

Local rules and laws – countermeasures

Research your destination, particularly any local rules and laws.

S Identify any laws that are likely to affect you. For example, laws against the possession and consumption of alcohol, or laws that prohibit women from driving cars or wearing short skirts, or laws that prohibit the possession or use of non-prescription and even some UK prescription drugs.

When you have found out what the laws are, you must seriously consider whether you want to be subject to those laws. Don’t go abroad and be surprised if you ignore alcohol laws and get arrested. A defence of ‘It’s OK to drink whisky at home’ will not be accepted! If you cannot or will not follow the rules and laws in a country, don’t go there or do be prepared to go to jail.

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Many travellers like to take a video or a picture or two while they are on holiday. However, you must be careful when, what and where you take photographs. Even mobile phone cameras can cause problems.

What. In some countries the police and religious leaders object to having their pictures taken, especially if the photographer is a foreigner who is disrespectfully snapping anything that moves and treating them like a cheap tourist attraction.

Safety Tips For Traveling To Switzerland

When. In the wrong circumstances photography may be frowned upon, or in the worst-case scenario it could get you shot. Imagine innocently taking a picture when the local gangster chief is accepting or paying a bribe in the background (or anv number of similar circumstances). When taking a photograph, look for the reactions of the people in the background. The more remote and exotic your destination, the more care you should take.

Where. Don’t be stupid and casually get off an aircraft at a largely unknown destination and start snapping pictures for the album. Imagine going to a Greek air show, innocently taking pictures of a few outdated Greek aircraft and then being accused of spying! The combination of factors such as national pride, over-zealous officials, language problems, an archaic legal system and stupidity can lead to a holiday snapper appearing in court or the local jail.

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