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Ventura County for food, it’s growing. People are moving out from L.A. and finding that the Ventura County area is a great place to work outside of L.A. which has brought more diversity and in different types of food. So whether it be Indian food or Vietnamese food and I just think its because the county has become more diverse. When someone comes in the winery and they want to know where should I go for dinner?, there’s always one place at the top of my list and that’s Cafe Zack. It’s a tiny little house off Thompson. Sort of mom-and-pop place but the food is just phenomenal.

You can have the plank salmon. You know, they have sea bass They have this chicken pizzaiola that is to die for. I don’t care what it is, their chef nails it. La Plage Cafe is a brand new restaurant here in Port Hueneme, it’s French fusion. I really don’t know another place like this locally. I had a chorizo and calamari omelette, which I just had to try because it just sounds so exotic. My wife had chicken fried rice with a poached egg on the top. Hers was amazing, mine was incredible, it was just so different. The Adolfo Grill is awesome. It’s a place where we like to go a lot of times after golf.

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Steakhouse, american restaurant, a lot of really good beer, amazing scenery, and food is always really good and that’s in Camarillo. Lure is one of my favorite places to go for a nicer dinner. Oysters, fish, I recommend it to anyone. For dinner, The Manhattan of Camarillo. My favorite is the salmon pesto. Cafe Nouveau is my husband’s and my favorite place to go for breakfast. I’ll go for maybe chili verde or you can get an eggs florentine. But the beignets are some of the best and I’ve been to Lamont in New Orleans. These top that beignet. And over the last few years there’s pho places have popped up everywhere.

At first, I think I liked them all and then I tried Pho Saigon. That was so good that now I could really taste the difference between them and the other places and I’m like ah I don’t like this place. I’m getting a little snobby and a little picky but that’s what Pho Saigon did to me. Aloha Steakhouse is a great place in Ventura. It’s right on the beach so you can see the ocean and enjoy the sunset. The food is amazing, great steaks, great seafood, great happy hour. If you’re from around this area you definitely don’t call it The Great Central Steak & Hoagie Company. We just call it The Hoagie, some people call it The Steak & Hoagie place. The best hot pastrami sandwich you’ll ever have, they have a great breakfast hoagie that, oh my god, I try to have at least once a week, you definitely want to stop there. Paradise Pantry is another favorite place of mine to eat.

It’s downtown, right across from Mission. Food is exceptional, it’s kind of a girly place that all the wives and girlfriends like to go, but as a guy that enjoys good food too it’s one of my favorite places to end up. Broasted Chicken, great broasted chicken but they also have Pancit and Lumpias, so they have the Filipino food, and they have these great roasted potatoes that my middle daughter just loves. The Social Tap is a great place. It’s located down at the very bottom of Seaward, right on the beach in Ventura. Great food, good beer on tap, just a good environment for anyone. We also have a wonderful bakery called Bread Basket, which is an award winning bakery and owned by local folks and people go there for their amazing desserts. It’s super well-known. Comedians, we’re used to late-night. If you love pizza on Main Street, Jimmy Slice, legendary place.

I like the really thin pizza, there’s always a big line of crazy-looking people because, who knows what stumbles in there late at night. Another of my favorites is the Golden China, where you could get Chinese food till 1:00 in the morning and they’re also known for karaoke. They go crazy with it at the Golden China. Barrelhouse is really cool. It’s one of those restaurants that has tons of beer on tap. The food is great, their barbecue wings are awesome, highly recommend anything there, then the staff is amazing. I personally am NOT a wine expert and that’s why I go to The Wine Closet because Linda Hunter is a wine expert and she’ll always come up with something wonderful and they’re expanding now to have a little charcuterie with cheeses they can educate you on. Four Brix Winery, we are a winery here in Ventura. Well one of the nice things about the winery is we’re open Thursdays through Sundays and that’s the time when a lot of people get to get out of town. They can come in here and relax and enjoy a glass of wine, maybe enjoy a pizza, or some cheeses and we do a ton of different events here.

Palermo coffeehouse, great spot just to kind of get that specialty coffee that a lot of people are looking for. Great mochas, great drip coffees. Definitely like a town favorite. You could head over to Element Coffee. I like how they and make a cappuccino with that interesting design on the top it looks like a leaf it’s like a work of art. In the evening they have poetry readings, they have open-mic, they have music. It’s nice to have some place in town that isn’t a chain. So many California towns look exactly the same. We’ve got your same chain stores we have those here, but we also are really striving to have local business.

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