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There are, however, some serious problems with this idea Vietnam Subway Map . Iceland, for example, is one of the world’s coldest, most rugged, remote, Vietnam Subway Map and barren lands; yet the small country ranks at or near the top of any list of per capita wealth and human well-being. Another view, quite the opposite of that just described, is that the environment simply is. Those who take this position argue that the value of any natural setting is determined by people themselves. How do they use the land and resources? Do they have adequate technology and other capital resources needed to make the land productive? Are their political system and economy stable enough to encourage people to invest in the country? Mao Tse-tung, former leader of China, recognized the relationship between culture, land use, and human well-being. He suggested that there is no such thing as an unproductive area; rather, there are only unproductive people.

On the first night of investigation, everyone was gathered in the main entrance taking a break. During one of our lighter moments we were talking about our favorite fruit, bananas (don’t ask). At the end of the conversation a voice, not a member of the team, is heard, “I like bananas.” Nice, a fruit-eating spirit.

Later, Matt was on stage with his KII and EMF meters. He was telling the spirits they could communicate through these devices. The responding voice says, “I see it.”

This next occurred during the time Matt was trying to search out the cold draft on stage. A low voice whispered the name “Johnny”. Of course, the name John or Johnny is so popular it’s impossible to connect the name with anyone in particular. Who knows, perhaps it belonged to the worker who fell from the scaffold.

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