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The emperor, Kublai Khan, received the Polos honourably and Nanchang Map Tourist Attractions graciously; he was impressed with the Holy Oil but more than that, he was pleased Nanchang Map Tourist Attractions by the journeys that the Polos had made on his behalf. When he asked about the young stranger’s identity (Marco was now twenty-one), Marco’s father answered That is your servant and my son. ‘ In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree . . .’ Coleridge’s poem was about this summer palace, inspired by reading Marco Polo’s book.

Grip, friction, sliding, undulation, curvature, inclination, acceleration, deceleration, wind, noise, vibration, direction, vector, ripples, proximity and distance.

These peculiar sensorial encounters make driving distinct from other motion experiences, such as walking or flying. For example, driving engages the body in and with machine’ (Edensor 2003:159). There is a distinctive feel for driving that is experienced kinaesthetically, which creates an ontological intertwining between the identity of the person and the car:

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