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And walking away we’re now inside the second path of Citadel or Imperial City. and I’m from 1802 to 1945 where the capitals of Vietnam.

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And they bill here very important construction not either Citadel for living working. And protection, this is the oldest pagoda in town we’re in the center for Buddhism in Vietnam more than 300 pagoda this pagoda become the national pagoda the tower here built in 1844 on birthday anniversary of the Queen Mother the builders in seven story because they were number a holy number in wizard because everyone’s been very friendly. So far check them all hey.

And welcome to Hanoi yes we right now we’re in the capital city of Vietnam Hanoi. And if you look around me weather is kind of taking a bit of a turn for the worse, but fingers crossed that it clears up because right now we’re doing bit of sightseeing and, this is our first stop, you look behind me, this is the Ho Chi Minh Memorial now. I’m not able to actually show, you the grave because inside is really really strict.

And there’s no cameras allowed, but basically his body, it’s preserved in a glass casket that people are lining up like crazy like if you like, but all there, you go there’s a line right over there, you see the huge lineup of all the people we need to get in the memorial, it’s kind of crazy they hold him in the highest regards they even named the city after him Ho Chi Minh City yeah all right let’s go next up oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh we’re at Shoe Street say every kind of shoes lots. And lots. And lots.

And lots of shoes to go to the questions ten dollars oh my god sushi so much Lotus there’s my fruity goodness you. ?

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