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1675 Cecilius Calvert dies in England, and Charles Calvert, Bangkok Map Tourist Attractions the third Lord Baltimore, returns to England for two years, leaving his 9-year- Bangkok Map Tourist Attractions old son Cecil more accurately, the boy’s regents in charge of Maryland. Opponents of proprietary government seize the opportunity. 1676 A corollary to Bacon’s Rebellion disturbs the peace in Maryland, when a group of Protestant planters, worried about Native Country attacks, appear to threaten to overthrow the government because of a perceived failure on the government’s part to protect planters from such attacks.

In reality, native communities in Maryland are too weak and dependent to pose a significant threat. 1682 Charles Calvert meets with William Penn in an effort to solve a boundary dispute. Not only has the city of Philadelphia been laid out within the original limits of the Maryland proprietorship, but the Duke of York (later King James II) has granted Penn Delaware (or the Lower Counties) as well. The meeting does not accomplish anything, and in 1684 Calvert leaves for England to advance his claims. 1688 Lord Baltimore appoints William Joseph, a Catholic, as governor. Joseph addresses the Assembly, and the results are disastrous. He implores the legislators to take various oaths of allegiance and to set aside the prince’s birthday as a holy day each year. He also accuses the representatives, and the residents of Maryland in general, of drunken and adulterous conduct.

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