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Since 2004, a UN peacekeeping force, which includes U Denver Map .S. and Canadian troops, has been in place to foster stability in the country. Denver Map The Period of U.S. Intervention (1911-1934) Events of the past century can be roughly divided into three major periods, separated by short gaps of time.

Moving into the bar most of the group sat at tables in the northwest corner. This was the spot where Isaiah Leebove was murdered. With the lights out the room was gloomy. The leprechaun murals on the wall, so cheerful and decorative during the day took on an eerie appearance.

Our main goal in the bar was to see if we could reach Leebove, Livingston, or whoever may remain. EMF, K2 and temperature gages would be used during the questioning, just in case something should happen. Joining us for a time was the bartender, Shirley, who had some prior experiences in the room. Almost in unison, everyone took a deep breath and the questioning began.

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