Popie cheetahs bye alrighty guys that is the end of the cheetah project yeah with volunteers South Africa, and we have a flight to catch in the next couple of hours. So I think we better quickly run into the car we’ll just said our goodbyes to everyone said our goodbyes to the Cheetahs we’re now at the airport thank you very much you have to like somehow send us photos Hey guys we here at the Johannesburg Airport, and we just had to catch a really quick flight. Because we are heading to Durban 30 an hour away we’re just a nice flight yeah which is good. So yeah.


So we’re just gonna try check-in we’ve got a couple of hours to kill, and then, I’m so happy with some fast internet we’ve just got loaded all our posts ready you guys to see them. So excited, and it’s so annoying that has been doing these glitches where the audio stuff stuff we hit the whole week planned, and then one post stopped, and I was like the first post which meant none of the other ones could come out, I’m just having my coffee it’s got like a crossword it’s such a dodgy crossword it’s like the brand that helped keep consumers secure for 30 plus years I wonder if it’s metre coffee got a nice beaches here the shame is a little bit cloudy. So Navy Bart’s pretty sure we’ll go, and check out the beach anyway No whoa we just missed our bag goodbye it’s so good when uber works at the airport it’s rarely that it does. But when it does oh my goodness it’s like. So cheap for us to get to our hotel guys we just arrived our hotel for the night, and it is so cool all right sorry the beach is just there, I’m just across the road this is our hotel I don’t think we stayed like. So close to the beach before I’ve definitely want to walk down there Steve that’s so cool.

But you no need to carry the bags up those stairs sorry II just checked in on the room is so cute, and my feet cheese to use the bathroom, and then we’ve got our beds, and stuff. But the best posts look how big these windows are this is so nice Wow dude that is really pretty I wish I wasn’t cloudy awesome you actually look really beachy in your outfit as well he’s through he’s even iced up yes is beautiful I just washed some of our clothes, and I had put it outside on the balcony until I was warned that there’s cheekymonkey guard they’re trying to steal our clothes. So I had to bring them inside South Africa. So in Durban at the moment well not even just Durban in the whole kwazulu-natal area which is like the the region that we’re in at the moment I’ve been having really big water restrictions. So the water doesn’t switch on between 9 a.

m. and 5 p.m. So we kind of just hanging out at the room waiting to shower. Because the shower at the volunteer project was literally just a dribble, and as I need a proper shower before we go out. So now we’re just gonna be walking down the beach, and trying to find a restaurant we’re in like I don’t know a dead-end or something that’s just all these beautiful hotels, and then hopefully we can find a hotel that has like a you know dinner for us to eat is actually good to finally see some people in the water. Because in Cape Town the beaches would be packed.

But no one will be in the water. Because of that Atlantic water that was coming through, and making it. So cold we’ve heard the water here on the on the East Coast is nice, and warm which is good. Because it’s the one thing that was so bad about cater an incredible beautiful place. But the water was too cold that looks good we gots to pizza it’s our semi cheat day such a beautiful place to have pizza look at that view you know totally we got to tell you guys why away in Durban now tomorrow we are going on a road trip with nine other rs they love travel just as much as us. So, I’m very excited to get together, and go on a road trip for people they love to travel yeah we’ve got.

So many exciting adventures planned this week here in Africa with them, I’m so excited my meetings at the airport tomorrow they don’t learn to tomorrow. So tonight’s to Steven, and I in Durban. But but yeah, I’m taking that thanks so much for reading guys um yeah we’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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