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Thank you it’s mine it’s truth, and yours thank you everyone welcome back to Johannesburg Airport see collected there literally we said our diet review of it. But we got over 3 a.m. this morning to leave my auntie’s house, and now we come here. But the trouble continues. So yesterday’s post, and said we’re going to a brand new country tomorrow which is involving know which is today yes see we said it was tomorrow, I’m very excited to go to Zimbabwe we’ve got some fun stuff planned.

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But now we just need to get through this hectic travel day I think we’ll be done about midday, and it’s about 8 o’clock my home away from home we enjoy the sauna ok guys we lied we’re not going is involved where does this give you a hint on where we go on got American money just kidding if you guys didn’t know that the Zimbabwe they they went through what Germany went through just after war where pretty much they had billion dollar notes which were worthless. So just like not that recently the change to u.s. dollars. So a little fun fact that we just learned before I found the coolest little power bank it is a Pokeball only soraa’s it doesn’t really stand up. So my like main goal for Zimbabwe is to track down a billion dollar note at some point. But, I’m really loving the vibe that I forgot to do one for Christmas, and stir off the Red Nosed draft draft welcome to Zimbabwe everyone Zimbabwe.

So I think, I’ll xxx xxx this country we were trying to decide, and this feels like the real Africa South Africa is beautiful. But it feels you know you’ve got lots of mountains here I can just see just African plains which look amazing. But we’re just getting picked up traffic is quite bad here and. So far been terrible every single town in Zimbabwe has got a Robert Mugabe Avenue or Robert Mugabe Lane he was into this fuel station for know where to find her guys I was going to post when we got into our room. But we could just go to our game odd Shane Zimbabwe, and jumped out of the car, and there’s elephants just walking past a whole herd of them that’s amazing hey guys. So as you will see you a bit later this place looks amazing can I get over the design of the thatch roofs in Africa, and looks like we have a bit of a river view over here fortunately in a bit of a drought. So not much water in there.

But it’s nice, and luscious oh alright this is the balcony open er up oh, I’m sorry ready for bed Oh guys once again you could have come become this is cute creaky really snazzy all the time of traveling with everyone in them bTW wow look what we get to wake up to tomorrow morning before we decide to hit the hay which is gonna be very soon it is I don’t even know what the time I want to talk to you about how like fascinating Zimbabwe is we’re literally driving in, and we had to go into like all these little police stops, and then once we got into the city we we went looking for fuel. Because our driver just ran out of fuel, and there was certain just gas stations that were just dry off your villagers have no fuel. Because there’s no cash you’ve got a feel, and what’s happening is that everyone’s using cards to swipe there’s no cash in the bank to pay out to South Africa who gives us our fuel. So they’re not sinking in fuel. So having a money crisis at the moment literally two days ago they introduced this brand-new note called the bond note which is just going to replace the American dollar. Because that’s what they have at the moment. But the thing about this new currency is there’s no gold to back it up which means no other country in the world will accept this money pretty much is happening is if you have a thousand US dollars in the bank account they’re just going to switch it to a thousand bond notes, and then this is just going to introduce hyperinflation which is already having Zimbabwe.

So just think if it for bread costs one bond note today it could cost ten bond notes next week which means your thousand US dollars which has now been turned into a thousand bond could pretty much be worthless in a matter of a few weeks it happened already to this country like a few years ago, and it’s I think it’s going to happen to it again. So this is the brand-new currency they gave it to us I hung onto it I didn’t say give me some more US dollars just. Because this is just history happening right now literally two days ago they introduced the bond note not than something. So fascinating as well. So when hyperinflation happened the last time in some bob way they had notes such as the following a hundred billion dollar banknote this at one point was proper legal tender. But that’s what happened when bread was worth a dollar, and then ten dollars in a thousand dollars in a million dollars, and then a piece of bread was probably worth a hundred billion dollars. So we’re literally in the midst of Zimbabwe, and all this stuff is happening.

So hopefully fingers crossed all our money doesn’t just disappear. But we’ll see how we go we still got another a week here oh you make me want to seriously like find someone. But everyone’s gonna be in Zimbabwe for gonna be in Zimbabwe for about a week we’re going to be having some fun at a game lodge first, and then we’re going to go to do a volunteer project, and also we’re gonna go check out big files which I’ve always wanted to check out big falls if you don’t know it’s like a World Heritage Site one of the biggest waterfalls in the world actually is it the biggest waterfall probably should check my facts on that one I just know that our schedule is jam-packed jam-packed he owns in Bob way and, I’m ready for that I am SuperDuper ready for bed. But thank you guys so much for reading, and we will see you bright, and early tomorrow I think we’ve got a whole Safari horse the farm we’re gonna be swimming with the horses I know. So I get excited see you tomorrow guys..

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