Oh God haha the house to myself this never happened no it genuinely never happened. I have five roommates. So hello camera hello filming oh, you look.

So beautiful right now thank, you to my roommate Joe who had a spare lens that. I could borrow. So that’s what, this is because update on the lens situation Sigma was like hey your lens is really broken.

BIKING in LONDON Photo Gallery

So we’re gonna ship it to Japan first six weeks after already being three weeks. And repaired so. I was like no Sigma no.

I can’t have my lens go to Japan for six weeks because. I need it cuz that’s my only lens that. I owe realistically.

I just need to buy another lens that’s what’s happening lens will be back soon hopefully. And yes anyways that is not all what. I want to talk to, you guys about today what.

I want to talk to, you guys about today was well, it’s kind of story. I want to tell, you guys a little bit of a story that. I had while experiencing biking in London.

I enjoy bikes. I like riding bikes. I’ve never rode a bike in a city before but.

I do view it as a very efficient transportation method because well normally. I just take the underground the tube or bus or blocking like that so. I decided.

I wanted to spice things up and. I like to bike bike into downtown London. So first off.

I don’t own a bike here in London which isn’t actually a problem because they have these rent bike stations called bores whoa, you rent them in the Cold War’s bike like dry they’re like blue they’re everywhere. So, it’s not a problem if you don’t have a bike. So after.

I rented my Boris bike the first part of my journey consisted of a cycle superhighway are basically like dedicated bike lanes that take, you for one part to another part of London not central London, but like bringing, you from other parts of into the city. So when you’re on these cyclists superhighway everything, it’s all good you’re just you’re biking down life is good, you know exactly where to go baby there’s a big freaking blue line will tell you. I was like this this decision.

I’ve ever made in my life how could. I’ve ever wanted to do anything else then bike into London – no dealer no undergo no bus no, but yes soon as, you said – oh dude these don’t exist anymore there’s like half bike lanes that kind of appear no wearing these like Alois that disappear again and. I tried to like incorporate them into my journey, but they just jogged it just didn’t make sense and.

I couldn’t figure out basically. I was pulling over half the time trying to look at my phone, but then. I was.

I biking. And that suddenly. I was is in traffic.

And then apparently, you have to like. I don’t know what side of the road to say. I’m biking on a side road.

And the curb is on my left soakers on my left on the side road should. I be on this side where the curve is like in between the car then the big me. And the bike.

And then the curve or is it like curb the car the knee on the bike. And a central Lane because that seems a lot more scary than the car the bike in a curb she’s know what. I’m saying first off the road London do not go in straight directions the meaning is that.

I look at my city map with my GPS and. I go okay so. I need to go straight on this road just stay straight just continue along this road for couple kilometers, it’s it couple streets couple blocks nothing to it is these pine I’ll continue biking along eventually oh stop at some point okay let me just make sure.

I’m going the right way check out my mouth. And suddenly when I thought it was like even line here.

I have like somehow diverted way down horse went always more south it always ended up being more South than. I originally we plan to be in London, but somehow might my straight just just going straight ending up. And me being off onto these random roads.

I don’t know how this happened this happened not just once it happened multiple times how can, you mess that up well apparently. I did apparently. I did, it’s a second problem number two that.

I experienced was. I am North American so. I am used to driving on the where is it left hand side right hand side room.

I don’t really know, it’s basically, it’s the opposite side of the road that people drive on here in London when I am turning when I’m coming to an intersection, you remember.

I’m in the same lanes as these cars. I keep thinking okay so. I gotta like turn left turn left is really liked ring right, you don’t have to like wait for lives and.

I think that if. I just go around this corner that means. I’m turning right that is also my problem is that.

I don’t know how to drive in London. So how can. I expect to know the rules of the road while biking which is just, you know one step away from driving.

So after about an hour. And 15 minutes of this exciting biking journey. I decided that.

I was too pre-emptive on the biking London situation because. I really realistically need to know a bit more of where. I was going in London because.

I don’t know the streets at all probably because. I always take, you out of your craft, you shouldn’t need to go to getting lost on a bike while biking in London which also happens to be rush hour traffic. I do not plan that but.

I also didn’t think it through 100% when I left my house was a very um scary experience. So basically.

I really want to create this post because. I want to see if any of, you guys have had the experience of biking into London or just biking in a major city that, you are not used to, you haven’t been living in for a while. So, it’s a foreign city and, you were biking into this city metropolis Mike just curious to see if your fascist experience has been someone like mine because mine was very scary yeah.

So thank, you guys so much for reading. And listening to, you in this post, you are fantastic and.

I will see, you again very soon very soon don’t forget to comment. And to follow me on all my social media accounts hahaha my social media cuz okay my 20 Facebook Tumblr. And Instagram haha.

I just had a salad for lunch, it’s giving me a lot of energy right now. ?

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