Visit Tulum and Xel-Há Cancun

We have got a full day ahead of us. We’re gonna start early morning checking out the Maya ruins of Tulum, and then we’re gonna head off to an eco-waterpark and splash around! As you guys know Tulum was built into the 14 and the 16 hundreds, okay? [Male] So my guide, Freddy, is really cool. He knows all about Tulum. You can ask him pretty much any question, and he knows it all. In front of us, we can see in the distance that’s the second biggest coral reef in the world.

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One of the great things about Tulum is that it’s right next to the ocean, and there’s access. You can get right in.

Alright, Tulum was a lot of fun, but we still have some more. It’s time to put on our bathing suits and head to an eco-waterpark! Xel-Ha is one gigantic aquarium, but it’s not man-made. This is a natural inlet into the sea over there. Everything you see here, the fish, the animals, the birds, they all live right here in the great outdoors. [Male] Look at the camera!

It is time for one of my favorite tranquilo water activities, the lazy river.

Whee! This is the kind of place where you get to let out your inner child and just have as much fun as possible. We’ve been surrounded by natural beauty for pretty much all day starting off this morning at Tulum, the ruins, the ocean, and now having the time of our lives at this eco-waterpark. This was a complete and perfect day.

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