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Hey Albuquerque um yeah, it’s actually that early, it’s like seven. I’m weird Albuquerque.

And we’re up this early to do. So. I’m hot air ballooning as, you can see they’re getting all set up right there yes because it is the number one thing to do here because it is the air balloon capitals of the world thank, you um.

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I don’t bid air ballooning before because last time. I was supposed to go. I got really sick good be amazing.

I really excited are, you girls excited to go hot air bleeding yeah yeah very very hopeful we don’t die we’re not gonna die, you signed waiver. So if I do die under heading about it alarm.

I up up. And away. I me e me, you amazing next was it really nice way to the way the size right now so.

I decided to impromptu Breaking Bad Tour of Albuquerque which includes hopefully of two places, this is just pick me tough little books. And we’re going to try to get mr. white’s house fingers crossed guys, this is the best friend elgar Jesse peg Rizzo’s we have an earnest people over we know suggestive images because an hour to icehouse Navy with us oh goodness Albuquerque doing this point thank, you break, you guy friends feel it no it can’t, you guys’s the house.

I apologize we’re in the right spot welcome to Albuquerque here’s the car take this receipt. And Gucci a college professional. And have an 1180 one day we’re going to the oldest house both of your charges five dollars to get it hold its church in the US Navy said is the second over this city in the USA where’s it the oldest city sector oldest city there, you go there’s the oldest house the USA look at all this history culture improve prove of this food that’s beautiful song Thank, you uncle scrape myself apart.

I thought it should be honest out. ?

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