California Girls

Hello world. And hello Los Angeles hello Lily hi Annie.

So today. I’m going to do a little bit of it slogging around Los Angeles well actually, it’s combination of days yeah, this is like a combination of your trip, it’s a vlog trip, it’s of live there, you go, it’s a blip. So, this is kind of like a dead life or like a week in the life of Lily Abby do la Hill style lil Dean my chef Billy, you picked up some riffraff hi man fine why are, you bugging them.

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I only think, you see where, you didn’t know did, you know that yeah no he’s dead yeah we’re at the Beverly Center or did, you try to get some Froyo, it’s like a really swanky shopping center here there’s lots of restaurant like that one. And there’s a movie theater like that. And, it’s like that pretty much that, you know everything that’s here is.

So weird for me Matt’s mouth got stopped taking photos. I remember when I got one of those let’s see, you didn’t have me use yeah they never got me they never had they don’t.

I’m shocked they don’t have mass seems like such company Lily that’s gonna be done by editor of our names we’re in the reject me pal yeah, but they’ve got Keith. And Kelsey don’t even drink oh what’s your name Eleanor oh, it’s a pretty name we’re all the reject new ball I’m so excited for about, you right now really cute little chilled mannequins.

And then like a trainee born star mannequin, it’s victory oh my god my god oh my god oh my god oh my god, it’s not to help, you stop here’s a good choice cigarette, you take my good choice. I recommend, it’s amazing this. So now what are we doing well we went out to a club last night the opening of hooray Henry’s.

And realized we had no clothes, but provided room. I didn’t bring anybody yeah it was bad, it’s really bad really author. I was very out of place but.

I feel cold it gets here so. I have no pants sir shop yeah that’s pretty much what we’re doing. I need again.

I don’t have any club at all. So we’re gonna fix that situation we’re gonna fix Lily’s pad situation. I don’t look like a popsicle tonight.

So. I’m excited by my. I like nightlight yo yo yo.

I got a lot more okay. I don’t know my god my god oh my god Magnum. I have my axis looks delicious hey cakes holy delicious.

So excited for this food breakfast. And, it’s midday traffic oh la traffic is the worst thing that ever happened to me move your car crude steel workout session we’re gonna it has like the drip of milk coming off of it like a. And, it’s the most delicious thing after our workout why would they do that to us world is taunting us.

I know, it’s like hear advice of cookies we know you’re hungry we know, you just worked out we know the trainer just told, you guys to stop shoot crap yeah, but here are some delicious cookies flash looking what we’re doing. And eating look at this halfway at the rail that’s way that’s a lot she’s going on a half way through the transformation ready oh wow, you look amazing in just some dubstep well we work on our faces everybody la la la this is. So Hills right now oh my god literally all we do like, you watch the hills me like, this is not real life is like there’s no way people live in LA.

And just shop. And eat. And then talk about boys.

And go to clubs all the time, but somehow our lives have become. I’m like 90% eating 10% 1% working out one person talking about boy no no, it’s not 1% talking yeah but I already said 90% eating.

So let’s become like a lot of eating a lot of talk about boys a lot of okay yeah a lot of young boys a lot of shopping yeah a lot of shopping a lot of witnessing drama, but not allotted for. I’m around yeah. And a lot of tribe around to music.

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