North America Vacation Spots

The Fountain Paint Pots certainly make a good show from certain angles, though, with the cold temperatures and plumes of vapor rising forth.

Tootling around the gloop along the boardwalks for views from all angles in the increasingly heavier rainfall at the Pots does make you start to question the sanity of it all.

North America Vacation Spots Photo Gallery

It is neat to see the geologic activity of Mother Earth bubbling, popping, and forming mini-eruptions of water geysers; although at some point, with rain accumulating on your glasses (and lens), you try to grasp the sheer magnitude of everything around you (this image starts a series of four images that cover less than two minutes real time (and a dozen snaps (because with the steam condensing so heavily, couldn’t chance ‘missing’ a picture) just to give you an idea of the breadth of the potential in any location) – so remember, from now until the end of the next three pictures below is just a couple minutes looking aroundfrom spraying geysers like this (11:44AM)…

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