So, this is the boat that. I’m chilling off the next two hours as we head to Boracay. And nice for 500 pesos to have a bed.

I like it for 30 pesos. I just got jump on a tote which is basically like a breakfast porridge with chocolate in it, you get the chance to get some chomp on a dough. I would highly recommend it three hours later we’ve arrived here in Caticlan which is the port where most people will connect, you to go to Boracay or up to different islands, but in today’s case go to Boracay for this right here has to be the cutest bomb-squad dog.


I’ve ever seen look at him he’s a little worker dog. I love lay out the shuttle drops itself as far as it could. And the last little bit is done by foot we’re just about at coast it’s.

So nice to have the contrast like don’t get me wrong. I love adventure. I love going off the beaten path, but with that there’s challenges like having no Wi-Fi right now having a nice breakfast Internet is.

So excited right now all right welcome to the one bedroom suite, this is the coast my favorite hotel in Boracay. And they’re being. So good to us actually.

I was here a year. And a half ago a bit less, but that was right when they first opened like the pool wasn’t ready but I was one of the first people to actually stay here.

And it’s so cool to come back like a year later they’re now number one on TripAdvisor. I can see why the breakfast was like out of this world the hospitality is crazy.

So we got two beds here. And then on this side, you got the king-sized bed. And there’s actually two bathrooms was just crazy.

So, you got your own bathroom. I got mine right, it’s white, it’s clean. I love it to help, you deal with the Filipino upload speeds they provided me with some tend why rum we got the family photo it’s.

So good size we saw in yesterday’s post Jaime dropped his phone in the drink let’s keep looking all right. I feel like. I didn’t fall out, but there is hope yeah.

I got this one set it up for 60 bucks with pretty much unlimited data. And the camera is amazing quality it looks like, it’s a high quality potato phone how many megapixels. I think, it’s at least point five all right.

So we are about to go explore Boracay, but before we leave the sanctuary that is the coast. I just saw something over here let’s check it out, you know the old saying we all scream for ice cream that is the KO speech. And how it works is basically the nice hotels have their own private beaches.

And on the main districts there’s really not a ton of public beach, it’s mostly reserved to restaurants. And hotels, but if you’re on a budget you’ll want to go to like the further districts this right here is district 2 and, this is kind of like the happening place. So there’s a lot going on, you see tons.

And tons of people out on speedboats there’s tattoo shops there’s shake shops there’s all sorts of stuff, this is pretty much the most touristy the most happening Beach in all the Philippines for better or for worse. I definitely like it in doses, it’s a nice place to be able to come. And get like luxury amenities have some great nightlife, it’s one of the few places that, you can do that in the Philippines later that day.

I was actually joined by a couple of buddies who live in the Philippines Daniel. And we spent most of the day doing a whole lot of nothing. And as always we got the drones out for one of those world-famous boracay sunset my favorite time of the day if you’re at coast at least is breakfast time we have to literally swallow breakfast because at 9:30 in ten minutes we’ve go on a boat tour.

I’m getting wet gross, it’s my second time to Boracay, but, it’s my very first time seeing this side of the island. So. I’m excited to check it out wow that’s what.

I call nature how neat is that that’s pretty neat. I have to say out of anyone. I’ve ever met nobody has been like on the same level with me on memes like that half of our talk is just banter about memes honestly we have like 10% serious talk.

And then the other 90% looks like me like without a doubt everything we say somehow it goes back to me, it’s just the way it is, it’s a culture just rocks off, you know no ketchup we took a boat trip all the way to the opposite side of Boracay Island, this is known as puka beach but I think, it’s better known as merchant beach every two feet there was a different person trying to sell, you something else from renting out floaties to trying to sell, you ice cream there was very little relaxing going on on this Beach definitely a big disappointment to see such a beautiful beach go to waste maybe a little bit harsh, but here at Los LeBlanc we’re gonna keep it real every two seconds ice cream ice cream, you want to shake, you want coconut two months, it’s like now. I’m good dude.

I just want to chill. I do not want to be really clear like all boat trips we had a little scuba stop a little snorkeling stop. I should say.

And it was beautiful waters clear out the little tiny fish. And they’re throwing bread in there. So they kind of gather them.

So far nothing too special, but definitely. I know there’s only eight hundred pesos which is about like eighteen US dollars something that’s really cool is this GoPro right here, it’s Jamie’s GoPro, but this actually used to be my GoPro about a year. And a half ago, this is one of the cameras that got me started on blog help me start making my first posts.

And how Jamie actually won it. And how I know Jamie is because.

I ran a post competition on the blog a team get lost post competition Jamie actually got first place for me he told the best story he put together some cool cinematics. And just kind of showed a passion for filmmaking. And the prize was this here camera a couple accessories.

And the cool thing was. I actually got the handed to him in Toronto like never though did. I ever expect that we’d be traveling together like this a year later and, you know to be seeing my GoPro here again, it’s kind of nostalgic a little bit this camera means.

So much to me. And, it’s awesome to see it serving somebody else now later in the day the wave started to pick up. And let’s just say we were getting rocked flap your wings or jumping off the big board we’re sending there right now first first one that one right up there hope, you nailed that one because there’s no redoing all my eardrums the reason.

I don’t really scuba dive much is. I have really bad use. And they build up a lot of pressure.

I actually got no surgery to try to correct it, but that hurt jump from a good height today years after that job. So for as big of a disappointment as the first stop was this stop kind of made up for all that like. I love this jump spot, it’s a lot of fun reading other people kind of push themselves off of literally a cliff so.

I don’t know if you can see this, but the water is like incredible it’s so beautiful the Sun setting in about 30 minutes we’re gonna head back to post go get an amazing dinner right on the water enjoy our final night here in Boracay yeah overall the boat trip was a little flat it was overextended way to long life we could have been back like three hours ago we didn’t even get off on the last station it was an opportunity to do something for like less than 20 US dollars. So really not that expensive to see some cool stuff, but there are probably better tours.

I would actually recommend if you have a group just to get your own boat that can be done really affordably. I think, it’s like they were meant of like three people tickets for this had your own private tour. And called the shots.

So yeah anyways let’s head to shore Ariel Ariel okay okay good news good news. I have been running a file recovery like third-party application on one of my hard drives that collapse it crashed. I couldn’t access the files the wind’ show up on the computer.

And it seems like the recovery system may have actually found all the files which were previously inaccessible. I’m something but I shouldn’t get excited yet because.

I haven’t actually recovered them, but it has identified 466 gigabytes of files that’s roughly what we had on the hard drive that went down. So as far as. I can see it looks like something’s getting recovered here and.

I think it could be everything. So that has been two nights in Boracay. I have to say like, you know, this is a very very cool place if you have a nice motel to come.

And relax, it’s a little bit expensive, it’s busy, but there’s some amazing hotels. And coasts is definitely my favorite, it’s my second time here to Boracay. And if.

I come back it’ll definitely be here at coast. I love this hotel. And the staff are incredible, but it is time for us to get back on the road to be living the adventurous life if you’re new to this blog make sure to hit the comment button right up here.

So, you can see my face a little bit more often if you’re coming to the Philippines. I’ve made an entire travel post guide for, you it shows, you everything, you need to know it is gems the best places to go how to pack your bag how to avoid scams literally everything check it out by clicking this bubble right here to get your 5 hot tips in Philippines, it’s a free little preview of the guide let’s get lost again. ?

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