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We are in Graceland, this is Elvis’s kind of. I don’t know private large um basically me see where Elvis grew up where the Courtney’s music.

And all that fun stuff here Memphis Tennessee how excited are, you for Elvis bracelet please can take your excitement. I’m your Elvis’s private planes that he took this that would, it’s that one yeah so. I do not miss the 50s or 60s decor at all know carmen’ll that right now.

Memphis USA Photo Gallery

I’m standing in front of sun studios it is the recording studio Elvis of course this room were standing. And now, this is the trapping for it is where all those artists. And great musicians created all those songs that we know.

And that we love today normally something like this would be in a giant glass case somewhere where no one would ever be able to Tiger ever again, but one of the last things if Sam didn’t appoint passed away was donated to us with the specific instructions that everyone is always allowed to touch it to hold it have fun with it take pictures with it when, you guys are doing that in a few minutes be very careful with her she is the last. And also please when, you are taking pictures be sure. And sing it to the S on the first.

So it appears, you know what, you are doing thank, you like very much the sacred ground in silence. And listen to Russia’s they said a plan is jumping goodbye them another time Oh done, but love, you moment Dougie’s boss with a few young he’s a lousy, this is fried green tomatoes Oh. I mm-hmm No hey.

I make a reservation one. So right now. I walk, you through the French Quarter here in New Orleans it is the historical quarter basically the old center of town obviously founded by the French.

And today French border. ?

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