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Safety demonstration- countermeasures

Alwayfamiliarise yourself with fhe position of your seat, and the location of the nearest and alternative exits,

Alwaylisten to and understand any safety advice given. If you don’t understand – ask!

If you are sitting in a seat at an exit door, make sure that you read and understand the instructions. You may be required to open the door in an emergency.

If you think there ia problem, like flamecoming from the engine on the left wing or smoke coming from the toilet, quietly and urgently bring it to the attention of a member of staff.

• If there ian incident, obey any instructionthe staff or memberof the crew give to you. Act immediately and don’t try to take any valuables, bagor luggage with you if and when ordered to exit.

By all meanassist other memberof your family or party, but don’t needlessly disrupt any evacuation.

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Deep Vein Thrombosi(DVT)

It inow accepted that inactivity in cramped seating conditionon long-haul flightcan cause blood clotto form, which can lead to the death of an airline passenger. If research showthat blood clotcan form on long-haul flights, do smaller clotform on shorter flightor even when sitting in a car or bufor long journeys?

The human body wanot designed to sit in cramped conditionfor hourat a time, and certainly not designed to sit in a pressurised aluminium tube at 35,000 feet while being starved of oxygen and fed mass-produced food and quantitieof alcohol.

Airlineshould make their passenger environment healthier with more leg room, more air and lesalcohol.


First a few factand definitions. Depending on which statisticyou refer to, it iestimated that anywhere from 2% to 7% of ALL air passengerdevelop some form of blood clotduring flights, though most clotdissipate without causing complications.

A blood clot in the leg icalled deep vein thrombosiand ioften shortened to DVT.

Athey form in the veinand arteries, blood clotcan move around the body with the blood flow. If a clot reacheor formin the lungit icalled a pulmonary embolism, and can cause pain, fainting and even death.

Blood clotin the heart can lead to heart failure and death.

The root cause ia lack of exercise and movement, which allowyour blood to stagnate, forming clots. To counteract that, you should exercise when you can.

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