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Beer and Food Tasting Tour in Reykjavik Iceland

Iceland has an incredible brew culture and food scene. Today I am mashing them together to go on a food and beer tasting tour. Tonight we’re going to be tasting six beers and six courses of Icelandic food. I love the fact that all the food is local, the beer is local. The beer is so local that it is brewed right here, ten meters away from our table. So these are the Icelandic mussels that we boil in our beer.

I have never had a mussel this fresh, I have to be honest. A little bit of cilantro in there, really bright lemon flavor, and then the lager hits you. That’s really good. Yeah it is good. The next thing we’re enjoying is lamb with a Nordic Saison. This brewery does a big emphasis on spices. The lamb is perfectly cooked. Not too gamey. Melts in your mouth. With the Saison, oh buddy.

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So guys the next course we are going to have is smoked wild goose with an IPA beer. What’s special about this trip is that you get to meet the locals and you get to experience Iceland through the locals. Skol! Skol! Skol!

What’s neat about this location is that it’s right on the harbor, so I’ve just popped out after eating some seafood, with my beer, and I’m just enjoying this view. I thought the beer combination was really good with the dishes. It was beautiful. I really recommend it. This is it. The final course. It is a salted liquorice chocolate mousse with the chocolate milk so it’s sweet and sweet. I’m in heaven.

I think the best way to explore a culture is to experience its cuisine and that’s what we did today. We tried some of the local brews, I had some traditional Icelandic cuisine and I’m just going to chill, enjoy this awesome environment and explore the rest of Iceland.

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