Best Day Ever in New Zealand Hobbiton Movie Set Tour Wild Kiwi

But a lot of you been asking how can we support the blog, and when are you bringing out you don’t think New Zealand, and everyone retail or watch out for the smell it’s over. But we have an epic waterfall in front of us let’s go get some earthy tones seriously guys the views in New Zealand are just insane Wow our first epic sunrise just look at that view also guys guess we are right now we are very excited okay oh I am so excited to be here guys literally this is the number one thing I’ve wanted to do with New Zealand come to the Houghton movie set, and we’re about to go see oh, I’m so excited we made it a hopper to you just walked in, and it’s just opened up into the Shire there has always been a Baggins living here wow it’s so big I think that’s bag, and just at the top there that’s the peak to go check out details incredible here do you think I can notice board apparently there’s like 40 odd hobbit holes most of them are facade. So this is just really to add to the whole feeling of it there’s like a couple or I think there’s only one you can actually go inside it’s just everything they’ve done here.

Best Day Ever in New Zealand Hobbiton Movie Set Tour Wild Kiwi Photo Gallery

Because you have you can have a look in the windows you can see like some kitchen where as you can see some flowers with a slightly open window you got the little seat which is probably to scale or how small the hobbits would be, and then the flowers are just. So beautiful cuz the gardens just add so much color this is a really well done just open up a little bit more, and you can slowly see like a road going upwards to Bag End also there’s like there’s a one line in the books where the kids are playing underneath the plum tree, and Peter Jackson who directed the movie wanted to put it in there, and plum trees aren’t here in New Zealand. So you just put that in there imported him planted it there just for a second of the post that’s how much detail he went into Wow the view from the top is amazing we can see the actual river just over there it’s photos house-made it’s a bag, and just on the top he actually does have the best hobbit hole. Because look he’s got the insane view you have the penthouse this is so awesome apparently can’t go inside I thought she could. But we can take some photos from yeah. So like they post there, and you can see Gandalf spy just sitting there we blowed like the little hole in the dragon went through it walked up there of course this is a facade I think they posted the actual inside bits with the set it’s like very busy.

But it’s definitely worth coming down oh yeah definitely just we’re walking in middle-earth which is insane just to show you guys how small these Hobbit holes are this is me sitting next to one like they would be tiny to go inside oh no bail. So fun fact when they posted the Lord of the Rings it was officer I’d like to just built it like a set a movie set, and if you’ve ever been on a movie set of looked into it it’s just like plywood it’s stuff that can be put up, and put down very cheaply. But it wasn’t until it was The Hobbit that they decided to build this actual set guys this is Sam’s house in the movie what’s the other one Oh wrong one this one Sam’s house in the movie alrighty guys, and how are you heading to our last stop right over there across the lake is the Green Dragon which is the pub from the actual movie, and they built it. So you could actually still have drinks there. So we’re gonna go, and have a Hobbit drink apparently this Hobbit ginger beer alrighty. So we’re leaving Hobbiton now off to have a drink at the pub just this area is so incredibly beautiful like really just represents a New Zealand.

Because the green pastures you’re walking through very much as it has this past age full of its own comings alright guys we’ve just come to the pub, and they told us there’s four drinks here. So there’s like an ale of the year apple cider, and a ginger beer which is probably what we’re gonna try they brew them here and. So this is the only place that you can try these for drinks that’s so cool you’re just walking across the bridge didn’t realise this it’s all working, and like it’s literally running just there also if you guys were interested in the main reason Peter Jackson picked this particular place was. Because of this lake, and of course the party tree, and then it had the hills they also kind of liked that just over there is the mountain range. But yeah this is the main reason they picked up, and I can see why it just is so beautiful oh it smells good in there this is all from the movie as well yes this looks like a good spot to try only place in the world to have this ginger BL Hobbit ginger I think there’s like a secret room in here nobody thinks about one cheese mousetrap these mousetrap no oh oh that looks amazing thank you this is called a cheese mousetrap yeah. Because they can’t like on.

So their little bakery. So this was like a post option of having cheese toasties in this, and they posted yeah which is so cool photo kunis a cow they could have this could have been the table where they’re all cheering, and getting drunk on all right guys we just got back from publishing, and we need to do some fun stuff are you guys ready to have who-ville’s of fun alright Steve are you ready to do the big one he’s literally about to go from up there all righty guys there he goes this one looks. So insane like we just came to the top yes isn’t yellow we got 80 is jumping on from California, and we’re doing it together. Because the view is incredible that’s the best guys if you do come down here this is who we used I go a team they’re super awesome they’re really helpful go check them out that literally is the funnest thing we’ve done New Zealand. So far all right guys we ending a time in Rotorua at a traditional Maori village I need to select the welcoming pot it was really cool now we’re going in almir has currently been cooked in the traditional maori way it was that reveal was amazing it’s all just sitting there for us that was so cool when we arrived were greeted they did their traditional greeting which was incredible to see, and then we were invited into the village, and they showed us how they would live, and operate back in the day.

So they showed us their arts, and crafts they showed us some of their weaponry, and that was really awesome, and then we went into the show they did a traditional haka for us, and that building was shaking as we watch it which was insane to see, and then as you guys saw that they prepared our food the traditional Maori way. So you get you like hot rocks you cook it all underground, and then they revealed the food to us, and that is what we’re gonna go, and eat now I worked myself up an appetite. But this is actually been a very interesting cultural experience to kind of learn more about the indigenous people for Maori which is really awesome to learn when you go, and travel. So you can find out more about like the local people who work here it’s like almost boiling temperatures all righty jumping to the airport.

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