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The reality is once the wind comes over it’s pretty much in for the rest of the day unfortunately. So you don’t even begin you baked bricks for seven o’clock flights being canceled I think it just wasn’t meant to be. But it’s too windy too too dangerous to send us out. But it just gives us another excuse to come back to Alice Springs it was like. So close it wasn’t inflating of too windy at least we’re gonna pick sunrise to watch we were. So close to hot-air ballooning ah.

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So what happened was they started setting it all up, and stuff, and then a slight breeze came, and then it got really really blow really windy, and they said that when it gets really windy it’s not safe to like start up the balloon, and get ready to fly. So we couldn’t do it. So, I’m gonna check out inner re we do have one more day here in Alice Springs. So, I’m hoping that we won’t have again tomorrow to do. Because I really don’t want to give up. But we do have some really fun things today we’re about to go high some bikes, and go cycling, and we have like a cute little picnic organized. So I think you’re still gonna be a nice day that, I’m gonna quickly have a quick nap before the day begins we’ve hired out some bikes to ride around Alice Springs, and someone was telling us we should follow the river we were cycling along, and then we realized, I’m currently standing in the river there’s no River it is like dried out how cool is that this is the most beautiful day we’ve had in terms of weather this entire trip it’s a perfect day for cycling it’s like not too hot.

Because we’re still in spring in Australia. But we’re pretty much just jumping on these bikes, and join up to the telegraph Center which is why I like Alice Springs existed this is a pretty cool part that we picked out that you got going on there Thanks all right we just jumped off at the telegraph Center which is just behind us we’re gonna go there. But first we have the ultimate picnic goals going on right here they’re like a whole selection of I know got some damper, and we’ve got some pita bread, and then like a whole range of different flavors chopped knees, and tomatoes, and pesto’s, and just how good does this look mmm we grab some damper oh that’s nice, and soft, and we’ve got some like bush tomatoes as well you have to try one Jess I’ve tried one is it good they’re really strong Wow. So tannaz mixed with tomatoes mm-hmm. But we’re just gonna hang out here, and enjoy the views all righty guys quick cheeky coffee before having a little tour of the telegraph station cheers to me did you enjoy your picnic that was picnic goals Jess, and it just further cements my love for tapas yeah this area is beautiful. So I think Steven was telling you guys before we are here at the Telegraph Center which is like kind of the birthplace of Alice Springs they built this place here. So then the east, and the west coast of Australia could communicate, and also this way they could also start communicating back to London back to England.

So that was pretty interesting to Newark, and Alice Springs is way more green than you expected don’t things like the red part is towards all the room yeah well though saying that Alice Springs is like actually a little bit more greener, and it’s surrounded by like five deserts five days yeah, and I wasn’t expecting a like, and spring has like sprung here, and Alice Springs those little flowers everywhere guys look how red the sand is that’s so cool it’s redder in person I feel like the camera’s not picking it up like a mini road trip it’s about two hours out of Alice Springs we’ve come to a place called rainbow Valley, and it is so beautiful oh my goodness we’re going to show you guys probably it’s beautiful you ready we we just pretty much probably attacked our instagrams if you’ve checked our instagrams. Because this is the first time that we’ve really seen red dirt in Australia. So we just went photo crazy. But if you guys have ever been to like Monument Valley you would you say Jess Monument Valley in the US a car has that feel for it with a bit of an Aussie flavor in there sorry nice. But we’re both absolutely exhausted oh my goodness, I’m pretty sure oh boy a little bit something let me see your nose it’s a little bit red the next time you see us we’re gonna be shout out in bed reading some Disney shows that we like to watch, and with room service. So, I’m never in the shower guys this is what a trip to our Springs looks like top tip don’t er don’t bring quite shoes this is what dreams are made of yes let’s not ever digging in with a pasta burger wedges, and dessert this is definitely needed you know a little bit sunburned to be honest it looks like you’ve got a t-shirt on.

But you don’t you’re so sunburned to yourself I think I do guys I think we have to give up on the hot-air ballooning my body is just not gonna take this 4:00 a.m. wake-up calls. But I think we’re gonna upgrade hot-air balloon to a new activity an activity we’ve never done in the air before sound good all righty guys thank you so much for reading I hope you guys are enjoying these northern territory posts let us know if you are, and we will see you tomorrow which is our really our final day. But we’re gonna go out with a shebang thanks so much for reading you new around here hit comment if you enjoyed the post give it a thumbs up night guys.

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