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Welcome to Beijing. This city is the capital of the People’s Republic of China. There is so much to see here from Tiananmen Square to the Great Wall. And of course the Forbidden City. Let’s go. When in Beijing, visiting Tiananmen Square is a must. Tiananmen Square is the center of Beijing. It’s also the largest city center square in the world that can hold up to half a million people. Wow, this place is massive!

There are thousands of rooms in the forbidden city. It would take days just to walk around and actually look at all of them. For the best birds-eye view of the forbidden city, you have to go to Jingshan Park. From up here you not only get the best view, but quite possibly all of Beijing. We’re now in the Temple of Heaven and I’m standing in front of The Hall of Prayer. And this is where they came to pray for good harvest. This park has so much to offer. Everywhere you go there is so much activity. And we’ve been playing hackey sack with some of the locals here. Here in Beijing’s Olympic Park you’ll find the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube. This site played home to the 2008 Olympic games. We’ve just entered the Summer Palace and this was the home of the emperor during the summer.

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And you also find Longevity Hill which is where the biggest temple sits. I’m at the Donghuamen Market and here you can buy all sorts of strange things on a stick. And you definitely wanna come to the night market with an adventurous appetite because they have so many different kinds of food there. Amazing! Now that we are all full it’s time to head in and see the Beijing acrobatic show. The Chinese acrobat group have perfect this art that has been practiced for thousands of years. They must have fun riding their bike down the street. This is such a fun way to see what the old neighborhoods of Beijing look like. Nothing like a rickshaw ride in the hodal, wow. In this hutan is the Drum tower. And there is a show every couple of hours, and I’m gonna go check it out. One of the greatest landmarks on Earth is the Great Wall of China, let’s explore. Every single step you take you are walking on a piece of history. The fact that this was made by people, it just blows my mind. It’s one of the most extraordinary things I have ever seen. I am so glad we got to visit Beijing. Yes, this city really is one of a kind. It’s been so great to experience it like a local. This has been an unforgettable visit. Yeah, and I can’t get over that I’m standing on the Great Wall of China.

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