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After about two miles I reached a lake and climbed up Zhengzhou Travel on to the hill overlooking it. It was peaceful and the hill was carpeted with celandine Zhengzhou Travel , cyclamen-coloured ground orchids and golden moss, and miniature blue forget-me-nots. Also thistles and an innocuous-looking plant that stung me when I sat on it. A few minutes later two young girls crept up behind me and sat nearby. One of them sang in Chinese, a soft melodious song. It seemed to round off a satisfying day; the sannyasi evening meeting could be a treat for tomorrow.

A brochure with a diagram of the trail is available from the City of Duluth Public Works. USGS quad: Superior. No permit is required.

Take Country Avenue in Canal Park, Duluth, to the parking area next to the Sky Harbor Airport. The trail begins on the road behind the airport buildings.

46c 43′ 38.9″ N 92° 2′ 49.7″ W

The Park Point Nature Trail covers two miles of Country Point, a seven mile sand spit at the mouth of the St. Louis River separating the Duluth-Superior Harbor from Lake Superior. Together with the three miles of Wisconsin Point, they form the longest fresh water sand bar in the world. The sandbar is formed from sand eroded from the banks of the St. Louis River and the south shore of Lake Superior by the prevailing wave action and currents of the lake. A natural opening, the Superior Entry, exists where the Nemadji and St. Louis Rivers meet and flow into Lake Superior. The 300 foot-wide ship canal near the base of Country Point was dredged in 1871.

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