Time to Start Planning your Winter Vacation in Cuba

Although the weather seems not to have heard the news, fall is here – and winter is coming. I won’t tell you to “brace yourselves”, although the next season of the Game of Thrones is being filmed already somewhere in Croatia – but I will tell you that you should start planning your vacation for the winter.

This, of course, refers to those living in the Northern Hemisphere. Those living down under – below the equator – should better start preparing for summer, for the long days spent on the beach, sipping your cold drinks and playing your favorite casino pokies online on your phone. I would spend half a year up North, if I could, and the other half down under, following summer around on the globe.

But for those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, the time for preparing for Christmas and planning our winter vacation is here. Deals for the Christmas vacation have already started to pop up at tour operators. Some of them involve the usual – snowy slopes and log houses in the woods, covered in snow – but some of them offer you exactly what I was talking about. A splash of summer in winter time.

Cuba has become an increasingly attractive destination for winter time travelers. According to a recent article in the Miami Herald, the number of international visitors visiting this destination has risen by 16% this January compared to the previous year. The biggest rise in visitor origin was seen in case of Canadians, with 15% more of them visiting the island. Europeans come to Cuba in growing numbers, too – the top 10 countries of origin for this destination included France, Italy, Spain and Russia.

The number of US visitors traveling to Cuba for a vacation is expected to rise during the coming winter, due especially to a more liberal set of rules for US citizens visiting the country. According to the new rules, 12 categories of visitors, including for educational or research purposes and participants of sports events will be able to visit the country without prior approval from the US government. While this decision favors purposeful travelers rather than tourists, it is a step in the right direction – soon we’ll be able to book a flight to visit the Jardines del Rey without loads of paperwork. It is good news both for Cuba and tourists in the US.

According to official predictions of the Cuban government, over 10 million Americans will visit Cuba each year after the liberalization of travel. No wonder – the country has incredible sights to see, miles of beaches all along its coastline. Airlines, tour operators, but also tourists can hardly wait for the borders to finally open for American tourists.

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