TAXIS Taxis are readily available and not expensive. There are three colours for taxis:

Red taxis can operate anywhere in the city. Blue taxis are electric. They’re bigger and more comfortable but cheaper. Green taxis are for outside the former SEZ only.

Taxi flag fall is $10 for the first three kilometres. This rises to $16 late at night. It is hard to think of an instance where the fare will exceed $50. There is also a $3 fuel surcharge. This does not apply to electric taxis.

Make sure you have the names of both your destination and your return destination written in Chinese for showing to the driver. Most hotels will have printed cards for this purpose.

We have some reservations about making this recommendation because of road safety but, given the language problems associated with the bus system, taxis are by far the best way of getting to places not served by the Metro system. They are cheap, abundant, metered and even in reasonably good condition. It is important, particularly at Luohu, to get a taxi from a proper taxi stand and to make sure the taxi has a driver identity card displayed on the right hand side of the mirror, near the window. The taxi stand at Luohu is under the station. Ignore any other taxi lines or taxi touts. If you take a licensed taxi, you should have no problem at all with personal safety. Many Hong Kong people think Shenzhen taxis are dangerous and you are likely to be kidnapped if you take one. Rubbish! Most Shenzhen natives believe that taxi drivers are universally brigands who will take you by a longer route than necessary. Many people refuse to get into a cab without first negotiating a fare and equally there are complaints in the newspaper from time to time that Shenzheners will not pay the metred fare. Our experience has been that taxi meters are fair and, with a couple of exceptions, we have found drivers to be courteous, friendly and honest. We don’t know what happens when you ring the complaints number and report the driver’s number, but it’s BAD. The slightest mention of the word complain brings a sudden smile and a compliant attitude to even the sourest disposed driver.


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