Abisko Sweden Northern Map

Province: Norrbottens Ian. Region: Lapland. Altitude: 395 m (1296 ft).

Postal code: S-98024. Telephone code: 0980.

Kiruna TuristbyrS,

Mangigata 12,

S-98131 Kiruna; tel. (09 80) 1 86 60.

HOTELS. Abisko Turiststasjon, 243 Gastgarden, 64 b.

Abisko lies in the north of Sweden on Lake Tornetrask, a mountain lake 71 km (44 miles) long, up to 9 km (5J miles) wide and 164 m (540 ft) deep. The only means of access is the railway line between Kiruna and the Norwegian ore-shipping port of Narvik. The town lies on the northern edge of the Abisko National Park and is the starting point of the Kungsleden or Royal Trail ( 172).

Abisko depends almost entirely on the tourist trade. From the hotel, situated on a 15 m (50 ft) deep canyon-like gorge on the Abiskojokk, there are panoramic views of Lake Tornetrask and the mountains. The midnight sun is visible from 13 June to 4 July.

SURROUNDINGS Trips on Lake Tornetrask in the motorboat belonging to the hotel. A cableway 1958 m (2140 yds) long and a marked footpath ascend Mt Njulla or Nuolja (1199 m 3934 ft). From the top the midnight sun is visible from 31 May to 18 July. 15 km (10 miles) S of Abisko are two other hills which offer rewarding climbs, Pallemtjakko (1740 m 5709 ft) and Nissontjarre (1745 m 5725 ft). Between NissontjSrre and Tjuonjatjakko (1582 m 5191 ft), to the E, is the ridge known as the Lapporten (the Lapp Gate).

A trip on the railway to Narvik offers an experience not to be missed (for the best views, sit on the right). The line runs through the longest tunnel in Sweden (1100 m 1200 yds), passing under Mt Njulla, and then crosses the Rakkasjokk on a high viaduct.

Bjorkliden (alt. 420 m (1378 ft); hotels- Fjallet, 61 GammelgSrden, 42 b.) lies in a very beautiful setting. 20 minutes SE is the fine Rakkaskartje waterfall, formed by the Rakkasjokk at its inflow into Lake Tornetrask. The line follows the shores of the lake for another 5 km (3 miles) and then turns W.

After passing through the Tornehamnstunnel (536 m580 yds) you will come to the Kopparasen station, beyond which the landscape shows the typical scouring effect of glaciers. The line continues via Vassijaure to the frontier station of Riksgransen (the frontier), with the Lapplandia winter sports hotel (alt. 520 m (1706 ft); 218 b.), in a popularskiing area. The wide expanse of mountain country is almost completely treeless. 2 km (1 miles) beyond Riksgransen station is the Swedish-Norwegian frontier. Beyond this point, see under Narvik p. 195.

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