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Hawk Ridge is the premier spot in the midwest, and one of the best in the United States, to view hawks during their fall migration. From August to December, bird enthusiasts descend upon Duluth from all over the world to witness thousands of hawks on the move.

Hawk Migration

Hawk Ridge hosts so many birds inpart due to Lake Superior. Hawks don’t like to fly over large bodies of water because there aren’t any thermal up drafts over cold water. Hawks rely on thermals to get altitude without expending a lot of energy. As hawks meet the lake in their migration south they funnel down the north shore in search of a way around the lake at Duluth, the westernmost tip of Lake Superior. The bluffs overlooking Duluth also create the updrafts hawks need to rise thousands of feet into the air and soar off to the south and warmer weather. Hawks can be seen in greater numbers on days when northwest to westerly winds tend to concentrate the birds along the north shore. Fewer hawks are seen from Hawk Ridge on days with precipitation or east winds.

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