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Lutsen and Tofte


0.0 The hike begins on the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) as it heads west from the parking lot through white birches, balsam firs, and spruces.

0.3 The trail enters a small clearing from which you can see Leveaux Peak off to the left.

0.5 Spur trail on the right leads to a campsite. In about 300 feet, the SHT turns left and descends to a bridge crossing the Onion River.

0.6 Bridge over the Onion River. The trail ascends and enters a forest dominated by maples.

1.0 Trail intersection and the beginning of the circuit portion of this hike. Continue straight ahead on SHT passing the trail on the left.

1.1 Trail reaches the base of Leveaux Peak just below a towering rock face and boulder field. In about 300 feet, the SHT bears right; continue straight ahead on the trail to Leveaux Peak. The trail makes a steep ascent via switchbacks. A bench in the shade of a large cedar tree provides an excellent rest opportunity part way through the climb.

1.3 Trail intersection; pass the trail on the left and continue straight ahead to reach a small loop trail on the west side of the summit. You will shortly return to this intersection and continue the hike on the trail to the left.

1.4 Trail intersection and the beginning of the smaller loop on Leveaux Peak. Continue straight ahead passing the trail on the left. Reach an overlook in about 500 feet on the right side of the trail with views of the North Shore and Carlton Peak. Better views can be seen at a second overlook in 175 feet.

1.5 Trail intersection; bear left passing a trail on the right to Chateau Leveaux and Cobblestone Cabins. Just past this point is the foundation of an old fire tower (47° 36′ 56.9″ N 90° 47′ 49.6″ W).

1.7 Trail intersection completing the small loop. Turn right to return to the main circuit in about 200 feet. Turn right again at the next intersection to continue the main circuit.

1.9 An overlook on the left side of the trail provides panoramic views to the north of the headwater region of the Onion River and low ridges beyond. From this point the trail descends gradually and then steeply.

2.1 Pass a log bench at a switchback on the steep descent from the summit.

2.2 Trail intersection completing the main circuit of Leveaux Peak.

Turn right to return to the trailhead. The trail gradually descends to the Onion River.

2.6 Cross the Onion River.

3.2 Trailhead.

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