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In this post the top 5. 5 star hotels in Tenerife, based on hours of online research and my own visit to over 100 hotels in Tenerife. In this post you will find the best 5 star hotels that are NOT specifically adults only hotels. If you are looking for adults only hotels. then I have a separate post covering those. Some of the hotels in this list are so good you can also find them in my free holiday guide you can get on my website .. I will provide a link to that guide at the ending of this post.

For now, let’s have a look at my top 5, 5 star hotels in Tenerife. The hotel Vincci Collection La Plantacion del Sur is a very impressive hotel in Costa Adeje. Its a 5 star hotel in colonial style that offers a very relaxing atmosphere. From the hotel you have amazing views over the Playa del Duque area and the beach is only a 2 minute walk away. However in the Vincci Collection La Plantacion del Sur you will also find a large selection of pools and spa options you might prefer over visiting the beach. One of the reasons I also included this hotel was because of its location in the Costa Adeje. This area in Tenerife has only upscale 4 and 5 star hotels, so the entire area is tuned in to this. There are many upscale dining and shopping opportunities all over the resort. The hotel Sir Anthony in the Mare Nostrum Resort is an excellent place to relax. The hotel itself is kinda tiny, in a good way.

5 Best 5 Star Luxury Holiday Hotels In Tenerife – Tenerife Holiday Guide Photo Gallery

It has a very relaxed and personal service. All the staff as well were very friendly and helpfull. If you are looking for a chilled out holiday in Playa de las Americas, the hotel Sir Anthony is a great choice. This hotel is not specificly aimed adults only but mostly focuses on adults only holidays. Children are allowed in the hotel but you will see very few of them. The hotel Jardines de Nivaria by Adrian hotels is located right next to the beach of Fanabe in Costa Adeje. This hotel offers everything you could want for a 5 star luxury holiday in Tenerife. The hotel offer many different room options with very different prices, so make sure you book the right one for you. The hotel Jardines de Nivaria by Adrian hotels has great pools set into some stunning gardens. Also there are many different restaurants to choose from.

So there is really not much reason to leave the hotel. However if you wish to do so, just outside the door there are many different restaurants as well as an upscale shopping center just a few minutes away from the hotel. Before I move on to the next great hotel I quickly want to mention that if you manage, run or market a hotel that you think I might have overlooked, you can get in contact on hotels.. If your hotel has great online reviews and a true dedication to quality holidays, I will promote your hotel completely free. The hotel Europe Villa Cortes GL feel very classy and authentic. There is a great garden with relaxing pools and great surroundings. The whole hotel is best described by me as a classy, upscale hotel that kinda feels like a very large Spanish hacienda. Everything feels very fresh and airy. There is also a nice beach club right outside next to the sea, if you want to further relax.

Europe Villa Cortes GL does a great job at offering a relaxing holiday with a grandish Spanish vibe. Closeby the hotel you will find a large dining and upscale shopping area, just 100 meters walking. The hotel Botanico and the Oriental Spa Gardens is a very surprising hotel. From the outside it does not look out of the ordinary but once inside it is very unique. This is one of the first 5 star hotels in Tenerife and has been providing great relaxing holidays for years. There are amazing gardens surrounding this hotel, even a golf area and of course the Oriental Spa. The hotel Botanico is part of a bigger group that has many great quality restaurants and excursions on Tenerife. This hotel is ideally located in Puerto de la Cruz, one of the lesser know areas in Tenerife but one of my personal favorites. This area offers a more authentic Spanish feel then some of the other resorts in Tenerife, something I very much like. So one of the reasons I selected these hotels was the great value for money.

If you want to get the same experience, then do go and have a look on my website where you can find the lowest price for all of these hotels. That comes with my own personal guarantee but also if you go there, that helps me a lot to keep on finding the best hotels and keep on making all of my guides here on my blog and also my guidebook. If you go to that website you can pick up my free guidebook there as well at the same time, if you would wish to do so.

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