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Because many carriers fly from the British Isles to the continent, we only include discount airlines or those with cheap specials here. The Air Travel Advisory Bureau in London (®020 7636 5000; provides referrals to travel agencies and consolidators that offer discounted airfares out of the UK.

Aer Lingus: Ireland ®081 836 5000; UK®084 5084 4444; Round-trip tickets from Dublin, Shannon, and Cork to Amsterdam, Brussels, Dusseidorf, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, and Zurich (‚40-135).

British Midland Airways: UK®087 0607 0555; Departures from throughout the UK. Discounted online fares including London to Brussels (UK 83), Madrid (UKf 118), Milan (UK 126), and Paris (UK 84). easyJet: UK ®087 0600 0000; London to Amsterdam, Athens, Bar celona, Geneva, Madrid, Nice, and Zurich (from UK 30), Online ticketing.

KLM: UK®087 0507 4074; Cheap round-trip tickets from London and elsewhere direct to Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, and Zurich; via Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Dusseidorf, Milan, Paris, Rome, and elsewhere.

Ryanair: Ireland ®081 830 3030; UK®087 0156 9569; From Dublin, London, and Glasgow to destinations in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Scandinavia, and elsewhere. Deals from as low as UK 9 on limited weekend specials.

This is now open to the public and is well illuminated Best country for tourism throughout, although your walk through the tunnel still feels like a bit of an adventure – especially Best country for tourism if water is dripping from the roof down to the ground, as it was on my visit. Pass through the tunnel, entering what is known as Millennium Green, a small country park with a variety of recreational paths in and around the surrounding woodland. This is the end of your railway walk. By forking right onto a path very soon after exiting from the tunnel, and climbing, you soon gain access to Heathfield’s main street via the Co-op car park. Heathfield is an uninteresting place, but its main street offers all the amenities a tired and thirsty walker might hope for, including a good bus service back to Polegate. If, however, you feel this is an anticlimactical end to your journey, you could follow the main street eastwards for roughly half a mile then turn left and follow a minor road to Mayfield.

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