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A path winds through a garden stocked with a variety of Essen/D¼sseldorf Map roses, and a small demonstration vineyard features Malbec and Petit Verdot vines. Inside the winery, Essen/D¼sseldorf Map the Mooneys turned a portion of the cellar into a tasting room. Racks of wine-filled barrels frame the tasting area, which is open on weekends and by appointment for what the Mooneys call the Barrel Room Experience. This unusual offering includes a tour of the winery with the winemaker himself, as well as an off-the-list tasting of special wines and barrel samples. In the cool half-light of the cellar, visitors enjoy an intimate look at the craft of winemaking and learn firsthand the changes that wines undergo during barrel aging. In 2010 the Mooneys opened a second tasting room on the west side of Paso Robles.

We waited a long time for the country around us to freeze solid, particularly the lake, which a thin layer of ice prevented us from canoeing on. The dogs, seeing the sled waiting in readiness, also were eager to be traveling over the frozen snow.

Otchum, our lead dog, was no ordinary animal. He had often proved this to us in Siberia, Lapland, and France, and now he did so again in Canada. He was extraordinarily tender and affectionate toward Montaine; as long as he was with her, nothing could happen to our daughter, and the same was true for Diane and me. Once, when we came across a grizzly, Otchum risked his life to save mine. He deserves a whole book to himself.

Lake trout, or namaycush, can weigh up to forty pounds. In “our” lake, we caught several three-foot-long twenty-pounders. We divided them into eleven portions one for each of the dogs and one for us.

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