Hey everybody how you guys doing today oh the hair is amazing today client gave me a little cookie just finish up work in city West I think I see a couple of weeks ago just finalizing some stuff before our big trip on Saturday which very excited you guys haven’t been reading the last few weeks we’re going to Southeast Asia tomorrow at midnight we’re looking forward to it should be a lot of fun hey guys. So we are spending the afternoon attempting to pack Southeast Asia, and today is the first time ever that we are attempting it to pack using backpack I thought I would show you guys what, I’m gonna do for anyone interested in wanting to know how to backpack using backpacks when you travel this is my first time.


So if you have any advice for me please let me know. Because I think, I’m gonna find this heart. Because, I’m used to having gigantic cases that I can just hurt anything in, and always have a room to open pack wish me luck what I want to show you first is what I’ve done is I put a giant pile of everything that Steve, and I would like to bring next to these very tiny bags and, I’m now gonna put these into piles of like t-shirts, and shirts, and undies, and stuff, and probably realistically take half of this away. Because this pile looks insanely big. But I was like let’s just put it all down, I’ll go through it, and let’s see how we go. So first, I’m gonna sort through all these clothes after putting it out on the floor it actually doesn’t look too like like we’re bringing too much even does have quite the shorts collection here. So maybe, I’ll get him to have a look through that oh yeah by the way the reason, I’m helping Steven pack is.

Because Steven can’t pack for his life if it’s a suitcase. So I don’t even trust him having a got packing for a bag. So Steven you should watch this post, and hopefully it’ll help you in the future when you’d pack actually say Stevie I think you’re packing too many shorts, I’m just giving you some advice do you wanna come here, and just have a quick look e maybe what do you think. So far I need like praise of what you’re thinking right first of all Steve you’ve got one two three four five pairs of shorts okay it’s a bit much yes I know what a board is you need bodies that’s calm be that’s practical right oh I love those ones I carry, I’m not very, and maybe put those two away good work done, and what about this amazing mound of undies or is it a hole like there’s no such thing as too many undies no. But like there’s no something is too many undies kangri wearing shirts, and shorts till we find washing. But on these you want fresh cheese all right let’s do that sounds good all right. So, I’m going to quickly show you guys what I’ve kind of decided to Pat it’s kind of cool cause you get to see like the boys side the other side all right.

So for the guys we’ve got too many pairs of undies probably too many socks we’ve got about mmm six pairs of t-shirts three shorts, and some bodies I think that’s pretty good for Steve by the way we’re going to a very hot area. So, I’m he’s going to wear on the plane instead of putting it in the bag, I’m smart atop his jumper, and jeans instead of packing them, I’m doing the same. So I’ve got a top jeans and, I’m gonna put a jacket on night, and then, I’m bringing a couple of undies bras one pair of socks I need to get more I think we’re going to go shopping today I’ve got like five tops a little like light John pearls thinking, and then kind of like sporty shorts to play suits if we ever get a bit fancy well I think I have packed way more Steven just looking at this I like three pairs of shorts some jammies, and some swimmers if we end up going swimming which we probably will now were to try to fit them into the bag all right let’s do this oh yeah we also need toiletries, I’ll work that out now these are the bags were using Oh Stevens I pick undo on diem towel fell sorry um yeah these are the bags we chose our $50 off eBay, and I was looking for a bag that was kind of small cuz I just wanted to attempt to pack really light this time, and also has room for a laptop. So once we get off the plane we can put it back in this bag. So carry it onto the plane of course. Because you can’t pack you can’t check in a laptops. But what it has is this little clip like little velcro thing here, and you can put your laptop there.

So let me get off the plane we’re going to put it back there very excited about this, and then it’ll be like that, and then all Stephens clothes are gonna go in there. So, I’m going to attempt to pack Stephens first that all actually fit pretty well, and there’s a big room for the toiletry bag Steve, and I both have one of these one kind of puts my makeup, and stuff, and then this one we put out Shampoo, and Conditioner, and toothpaste, and all that. So let’s see if I can squeeze this bad boy in there Steve come here are you gonna be impressed with how cause Stephen was very skeptical on the size of these bags by the way I was going quite small this is your backpack with the toiletry bag, and then all you, and then we’ll just fit the UM that’s pretty good zip it up, and put it on your back saying look it’s easy for you to get your laptop dirty right here why does that on the side opening from the top only where this is on the side. So you need to get the section first yes. So the little um what are they called backpack thingies are here you can roll it off yeah no that’s fine how heavy does it feel fun, and then you can strap it around like buckle it around oh my gosh Steve we’re like full-on backpackers right um you forgot my denture cleaner I’ve to put that in the toilet your bag, I’m sorry I still got that where’s the little thingies there should be little Steve you have to buck with a buckle buckle that bucko how does it feel like walking around with it’s not too heavy no it’s not too big either. So then what you meant to do is this rolls up. So then you can choose if you want to hide your things or not.

So that kind of stays on there, and I doing good job of that that looks great, I’m so excited what’s this string for are we you to hide that I think this is like you can make it into a holder yeah it’s very versatile bag, I’m very happy with that we should try find the eBay link, and put it down below yeah if you guys want to check it out yeah, I’ll do that all right now, I’m gonna tear mine I think I’ve more than you after judging you totally forgot if you guys are going to Southeast Asia I highly recommend bringing some big long baggy pants. Because a lot of the times when you go into temples, and stuff goes uh nalaut to have like shorts on you kind of needed to hide your legs. So they do usually have like songs available, and stuff to pay for. But it is good just to bring some long pants these I think from a trip in Bali that I got. So when you get there you could buy some as well. But um definitely bring some long pants to cover these legs of yours yeah or my stuff fit fine as well it’s like feels like I could fit more in here oh, and I saw then maybe we need rain jacket ashaming quick Google what the weather’s gonna be she’s like stay hmm you park here at the principal’s office can you please Google for me what the weather is going to be like in Bangkok, and Vietnam, and Cambodia Thanks I thought uniform line rain jacket maybe pretty much thunderstorms for the next week 33 rain, and thunder. So hot.

But raining we need good thing I thought of rain jacket we need some rain Cleo need a brain Ranger yeah thanks Claire luckily clear it had to rain jackets a guy one, and a girl one very lucky do you wish boy do you steal this jacket from there’s one rain jacket another rain jacket now we’re gonna fit those bad boys in here oh look who’s ready good jacket speed in mind today. So, I’ll carry the rain jackets you carry the toilet Rick gives it spin okay hang on that’s actually a good thing about traveling with someone else is you can how to divide the shipping oh yeah this looks like rolled up. But that’s awesome look at us go on backpack eyes drinking’s anything, I’m sure I did not pack it up let us know you’ll be too late by the time this guy’s lie no yes yeah, and then FedEx it to the middle of Cambodia alrighty we got a list of things we need how organized do we see we don’t leave till tomorrow, I’m organized with the visa organized with the packing though we don’t have it possible yeah well we will be picking that up tomorrow that’s another reason what’s making me do all this now. Because then I can just stress about the passport, and that’s it Stephens trying to find some shoes for the trip. Because all of his a breaking that he’s struggling that that basket has definitely seen better days there’s no seeds let’s see them try to see if he wants brown or black eye on the brown wait can you even put them on stain there you go let’s see them alrighty brown or black guys. But, I’m a brown time. So, I’m picking brown, and stuff yes good for Graham alrighty we’re home we have a lot of work to do.

Because we need to get everything done before we leave tomorrow. So I am on dinner duty ma, I’m about to go pick up pizza all right Oh alrighty, I’m delivering the goods. But you can come to the principal’s office sorry guys I feel like the last couple of days haven’t really been in the posts much I’ve just been super duper busy on the outside getting all prepared for this trip. But, I’m excited we leave tomorrow thanks so much for reading we shall see you tomorrow not guys.

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