Chicago Subway Map

It is believed that the nineteenth-century coachman was driving Chicago Subway Map the mayor and his daughter to an evening function, and a highwayman held up the coach and Chicago Subway Map killed both the mayor and the coachman. Turn right from Rock Place into St James Street, going forward into Upper St James Street. You are now in the Kemp Town area of Brighton, one of the more bohemian areas of the city with an atmosphere all its own.

At the end of Upper St James Street, just before it becomes Bristol Road, turn left into Upper Bedford Street. Along this street, the Stag Inn has a resident ghost named Albert, a former landlord resplendent in large apron and black bands round each arm, who has been known to disconnect the keg beer gaslines. It is suggested that this is because he disapproves of the keg beer and prefers real ale! At the end of Upper Bedford Street, turn left into Eastern Road and follow this westwards, shortly turning left into Upper Rock Gardens.

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