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2366 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge; (617) 661-5655

Hungry diners looking for authentic Greek food routinely vie for this tiny restaurant’s twelve tables. The menu is short and specialized, all good bets. Start off with stuffed grape leaves ($2.95). Spanikopita, a spinach and feta pie in phyllo pastry, is $2.75. The gyros here are delicious, piled with spiced chicken, roast lamb, or a ground lamb and beef mixture, with veggies and cucumber yogurt sauce ($3.75).

More unusual is a platter of broiled butterfly shrimp for $6.95; specialties like moussaka ($6.25) are equally good. Barbecued shish kebabs come in around $7. All the meat at Comer is marinated for at least 24 hours before it is cooked, which accounts for the rich flavor.

This is a no-frills comer of the world; the decor is plain, the place settings merely functional. But it’s all eclipsed by the food, which will transport you from North Cambridge to Athens in a heartbeat Open seven days.

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