Hey guys just work up to such a beautiful view ah this place is so nice about to go to breakfast. But it’s waiting for it to open it is super chilly out here. But the way there is so so nice this is the view from our balcony that is so beautiful I love our little decking a little chairs, and stuff, and then there’s a little cheeky path down here that I think we might go down, and explore later. So we can see what’s out there. But that is what we’re gonna have breakfast, I’m very excited look at this messy bad that bed was comfy ready oh hello having issues that this place it’s a mess just on the last vegetarian breakfast. But I will give it to them these are the cutest little muffins I’ve ever seen Cheers you know I used to have pet games did you this before, and explored its outside out, and then try to say I don’t think that’d be too happy with us allotting is so beautiful at the moment found the ultimate little treat all the beginnings of a treehouse that’s pretty cute, and then we found like these old lighthouses here I don’t even know people living them a lot pretty cool I don’t know saying that that’s not even like a shearing shed or something come on drew this is it well that guy is eager huh I don’t want nothing to do with you having fun what are you doing there you’ve I’ve made a little you’ve got my laptop oh I see well I didn’t know what you were doing well have a little chill-out time we got light check in light check in buddy whoo-hoo I ain’t leavin for nothing all can i what can I want give me one yeah you guys um hypocrite hypocrite love Jess we’re gonna go have a massage before we drive three hours back hard you look super cozy alright guys means choose to spoil by getting eat 1 hour massage couple massage as well all right listen this movie see us we should be very relaxed oh my gosh, I’m sorry sleepy now that was amazing oh my goodness oh how good was that it was real good hang on the lighting is so weird it looks black, and white that’s good do you like um try that I do actually is it Apple your eyes.


So sleepy guys that was seriously one of the best messages I’ve ever had such a lovely weekend I would suggest you guys if you ever want to come down to yelling now it’s Empire spa, and Empire boutique is where we stay they have spoilt us so much this weekend I know I know I look. So tired. Because, I’m so unbelievably relaxed. But we’re now driving home. But there’s a couple of stops on the way that we want to meet. Because last time we came here we had a failed drone mission yes at this beautiful beach, and we’re gonna head down there now, and fingers crossed that’s not too windy. Because last time it was like insanely windy which makes sense cause it’s like right up on a cliff check it on the way home.

So fingers crossed we have found the day car from this hotel I want to go inside of the hotel was the date oh my gosh we’re totally going inside future Jess when you get an apartment you were coming to this door oh my gosh, I’m so excited Heidi was saying to have fun in Perth as well Oh oh my gosh literal goals right in this store. So look at those pillows do you just want to jump on that that was epic we decided to stop off at Boston on the way home for about now two hours out of that just need a little bit of a stretch of the old Blake even some pretty cool joint footage over the last few days I think was pretty good yeah I think it’s pretty good yes still having those issues like it’s only letting us fly about 40 meters out 40 meters up, and then always loose signal always wants to come home is very frustrating we’ve read like a ton of forums which posts a lot of other people have been having this issue if they updated their drone, and they have the Phantom 3. So if anyone anyone out there knows what to do to fix this situation or to try, and downgrade nuts, and it’s kind of. So annoying how you know you spend all this money that a drone, and then there’s an update, and then it makes it. So you can’t use it, and update I came out a month, and a half ago, and yet DJ DJ I hasn’t said anything about it very very strange. So um we need your any dry news out there any fellow trainers let us know we’re about half hour out now two hours twenty twelve twenty I keep forgetting like we live far from Perth. So home we were at busselton on that two hours to go it’s really three thousand we need we need dinner any one kilometers out of her get hungry guys I don’t know if we’re gonna make it, I’m so hungry man me either you find a place to pull over I need to pop chips well we found a place the car is hungry we are hungry yes, and we are about an hour from home oh we just got home, and I just realized I’ve done like eight hours worth driving in less than two days.

But we are back with Jeff man it was all worth it such a fun weekend. But thanks so much for reading guys, and we’ll see you tomorrow, and it is less than a week until we go to Southeast Asia get excited see you tomorrow guys night.

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