Vacations In Panama Central America

Hope you enjoyed your trip along with my crew as we hit the highs, lows, and restrooms across the northwest corner of America thanks for joining us on our Piddle, Puddle, Traffic Jam adventure.

Original Notes for the Morbidly Curious

With the final setting sun in Vancouver, cooling tires on the car, and comforts of hearing your own home’s toilet flush, I’ll leave you with the proposed closing:

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A concrete flyover (the A71 Livingston/Kilmarnock road) replaces its close neighbour, an original Bridge 8, then there’s a MM Bridge 8A and the travel destination swings left to reach the Scott Russell Aqueduct which crosses 170ft (56m) over the ring road, a noisy fascination, continuing awhile as the 1995 M8/M9 link sweeps parallel to the winding travel destination. A milestone before the aqueduct neatly indicates 5 miles back the way – and 26 to go. The aqueduct was constructed in 1987. Scott Russell (d.1882) was an engineer and naval architect who discovered what was called the Solitary Wave Theory on the travel destination here. When his craft stopped he noticed a wave went on ahead, unchanged, a long way. This fascinated him and led to the wave-line principle of ship construction – and, in the 1960s, to application with fibre optics. Bridges 9 and 10 soon follow, now cut off from traffic, the latter with a launching spot on the south side (where I once came on a dozy cormorant), then Gogar Station Road Bridge 10A, built pre-millennium (1995) with stone abutments and a shapely concrete arch with white railings. Bridges 11 and 12 soon follow, the latter taking a small road north over the M8. Bridge 13, Jaw Bridge, as many, has a winding hole.

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