Hola welcome to breathless riviera cancun resort spa oh my goodness comes from camera come guys, this is an adults-only all-inclusive here in Cancun Mexico and. I am.

So excited to share with, you my experience here because. I don’t really go to all-inclusive, it’s kind of a treat for me looking forward to, but in my time drinking cocktails. And partying it up and.


I good rental what’s up what’s up yes. So happens to be celebrating a certain special day a certain special birthday, it’s my birthday, it’s the time math not used to be swing he’s struggling clearly, but no seriously okay got what’s the got got myself passion fruit a cream yeah mmm. I am think, this is our view how bad that’s at enjoying some ocean wait right right congratulations Matt look I’ll go Feeny our hand-press.

I am. So appreciative far back for lunch we are eating at bikes, it’s their captains. And small plates.

I stopped. So your order a whole bunch is what. I got got that rib game on lock, you have multiple ready yeah.

And then. I got that’s barbecue, this is ty well let me got a Spanish tortilla like a frittata yeah I’ll try what if try right now solid control. I got some vegan options hair that looks absolutely amazing because it stuff Juliano peppers they’re like yellow.

And they’ve got this look like zucchini. And mushrooms in it with a spicy sauce on top bigs arugula salad these are like little kabobs olive artichoke tomato yes earthly fire. And hurricane everything, you need to do.

I notice all the long have do not take an elevator do not take an elevator. And do it take an elevator perfectly positioned by the elevators. I’m not a lie guys, this is the coolest lighting for a bed laptop time also, it’s making its like this lighting is a fluorescent lighting.

And it is literally making my nails glow. I feel like. I’m in a club that only my nails are invited to doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo watch out nails our comment for, you watch out nails are coming for, you alright.

So whisper. And now, it’s orange. And now my backdrop is orange although my nails aren’t glowing this one.

So, it’s not nearly as goal, it’s like what do. I feel like what do. I feel like tonight we’re really glowy nails to do with your like orange creamsicles, this is the start of a brilliant breakfast look at this fruit bowl.

I can’t even. I’ve never seen a fruit bowl like this before. I think there is pineapple what is that figs some blueberries some watermelon.

And some cantaloupe oh, you got some strawberries oh, but, you got the yogurt this one’s just the granola dairy for, you. And the memo says thank, you thank, you thank, you do it to me getting ready for what fog period I’m so thin.

I then now that’s so Zen leave at, this is the Fremen, you got it look what, you got to make like shapes. And stuff.

So they do this all day really yeah some people rake their lawns others rakes and. So we’re doing aromatherapy massages yes there’s aromatherapy oh there’s Swedish Swedish deep tissue yes deep tissue mm-hmm not sunburn. So.

I’m over summer yeah. And. I’m feeling a little bit separate.

I’m a little bit sunburned as well, but that’s not nearly as bad as. I am that’s that, this is something that’s gonna happen. And.

I’m gonna enjoy thoroughly amaretto the flippers on the bathrobe is on the spa music is playin. I’m gonna get my far trick. And done.

I am. So looking forward to relaxing with RO with her being massages this looks amazing what is this called the Jamaican shot, you said first one of the night that’s right one of many. I don’t know what to describe this drink mix it up my friend yeah, you have to mix it up all right next don’t fall on the water that would not be very good nobody got time for losing cameras in Cancun.

I was more concerned about my drink but. ?

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