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In this post a complete guide to the best beaches in Gran Canaria.

In this post I will be showing you pretty much all the beaches in Gran Canaria so you can decide what is the best beach for you as this might be different from person to person and depending on what exactly you are looking for. Also I will be including my own personal top 5! Before I continue on to the smaller and lesser known beaches I quickly want to mention the bigger beaches in Gran Canaria not to exclude them. These include, the Puerto Rico, Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas. These are the bigger beaches and the beaches where most people will spent their holidays while in Gran Canaria. Playa de Tauro is one of the newer beaches. Well actually this beach has been there for pretty much ever but in the last few years they started developing it to prepare for new hotels coming to this area. It’s a nice sandy beach now, where before it was more stones and rocks. The Bahia Feliz beach is a nice quiet little beach in the Bahia Feliz resort. It’s nothing special but has a nice relaxed atmospehere, a little bar and volleyball field. Playa de Mogan is most likely one of the more famous beaches in Gran Canaria.

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It’s a nice beach but sometimes can get at little bit to busy because of all the day tourism in this area. If you are staying here into the evening there is loads of nice restaurants in the port area. This beach is my number 5. Playa de las Maranuelas is the main beach in Arguineguin. It’s very popular with local people here and there is not much tourism in this area. Prices for food and drinks in this area are also better then in many of the big resorts here in the south. Playa de Patalavaca is in between Arguineguin and Anfi del Mar. It’s a little bit hard to find and reach, therefor also here you never find to many people. El Confital you will find in many guides as one of the beaches “you have to visit”, but I don’t really understand why, also while I was in Gran Canaria this beach was a few times in the news as being a restricted zone for swimming as the water was dirty. So all in all I would not advice visiting this beach.

Playa de las Alcaravaneras is the “other” beach in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The beach everyone visits here normally is the Las Canteras beach. If for any reason the Playa de las Canteras is to windy or busy on the day you are visiting, you might want to check out this beach instead, the Playa de las Alcaravaneras just on the other side of the city. Playa de la Verga, also known as the Anfi del Mar beach is one of the more beautiful beaches in the South. It’s a nice soft sandy beach with everything around for a great family day out on the beach. There is also a stage next to the beach with shows and mini discos for the kids in the evenings and also many different style restaurants. So you can really make this a great full day out. Because this is a great day out for the entire family and not far from most resorts in the south, I put this beach on number 4 of my top 5 best beaches in Gran Canaria. Right next to this beach you will also find the Playa de Aquamarina. Playa de las Nieves and Agaete are all the way on the other side of Gran Canaria for most people on holiday here but it’s a great and rarely visited beach.

It’s also one of the places with the best selection and best priced fresh fish restaurants on the island. Because of the unique vibe in this area, I will put this beach on number 2 of my top 5 best beaches in Gran Canaria. Also while you are here you can have a quick swim in the Las Salinas pools within walking distance of the beaches. The beach of Playa de Sardina is a located in a small village in the North. If you wanna get away from all the mass tourism and want to experience the true Gran Canaria, this is the place to go. Playa de Aguila again is one of these beaches you find in many guides as a “must visit” but I have no idea why. When I was here, there was nobody on the beach, however the beach next to it, the Playa del Pirata I found much more appealing. Playa del Cabron is most likely one of the best places to explore and snorkel in Gran Canaria. It’s a pretty far drive to get here from most places but if you want you can combine this with visiting the Cocodrilo Park in Gran Canaria that is just a few kilometers away. All of this together might make for a great day out for the family.

This beach is my number 4 because of the seclusion, Cocordilo Park nearby and great snorkeling. Playa de Amadores is a very nice beach that you can actually easily walk to from Puerto Rico. This beach has everything you could want for a great day out. There are many restaurants as well as loads of fun stuff for the kids. The beach is nice and sandy but this beach gets pretty busy most of the time so keep that in mind. Playa de las Meloneras is the more peaceful and relax beach in the Maspalomas area. So if you are staying in the Maspalomas area, this might be a great beach to walk to if the other ones are to busy in high season. Also you might want to have a look at the Playa del Veril beach on the other side of Maspalomas that is also a bit on the outside and therefor gets less busy then the main beaches. Playa de las Burras and Playa del San Agustin are pretty similar beaches in the San Agustin area. Just as a quick warning, next to the Playa del las Burras is only one tavern/restaurant and my experience there was absolutely dreadful so would not advice going there.

It’s overpriced and service and quality was very bad. It may have been that that was just a one of. but just saying. Playa de las Canteras is a great beach in Las Palmas. When I came to Gran Canaria the first time Las Palmas was my first stop and after walking though the city finding this beach was amazing. It is incredible and hard to believe that there is such a beautiful beach next to the capital and pretty busy city. Also here you will find on of the bigger shopping centers in Gran Canaria right next to the beach would you not like to spent the entire time on the beach. This beach is definitely my number 1. So I hope this post helps you have an even better holiday in Gran Canaria because of it and consider subscribing to the blog for more great holiday advice covering Gran Canaria and the rest of Spain.

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