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So ever since.

I moved houses at the middle end of last year. I’ve been in the process of redesigning my bedroom now the bedroom. I had before was at my parents place it was my childhood bedroom there were a lot of childhood things in there since.

I am NOT a child or teenager anymore. I decided to get my roommate adult makeover. I kind of wanted something that spoke a little bit to my style.

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And kind of had a worldly feel because. I have a lot of random trinkets various items from my travels. So.

I’m walking, you through or telling, you the stories behind them. And where they’re from welcome to. So as you’ll probably pick up.

I’ve done more of a bohemian style bedroom that’s kind of the look. I’m going for. I feel like, it’s very suitable to me.

And my taste. And literally my lifestyle. So Dave straight pillows are from Urban Outfitters.

And then the red one. And the blue one is from Pier one Imports. I actually made this headboard.

I made this headboard, it’s really easy to make, but, it’s four planks of wood plus to stick some wood here. And then another one that kind of goes around there. And that is fur.

So in total actually with the materials. And save literally just take raw wood sanded it down stained it. And now have a beautiful handmade headboard, this is my cat um he also comes with the room his name is Watson all right bye Watson um continuing on alright, this is my bed sheet and.

I believe. I got them at the dock. And beyond, this is just a throw that.

I have in my bed. I normally they’ll come off in the summertime. I just kind of have it now.

So now this map. I if you notice it, it’s a little bit off this something is not quite adding up if you look at the continents they’re not quite the size they’re supposed to be, this is actually a print of abraham ortelius iconic 1570s map of the world this map is actually the first map of the world to appear as a standard atlas being a world Explorer having the first literal map of the world is kind of awesome. So here we have my rock collection now my mom.

And my sisters my sister is actually a geologist. I don’t know if a lot of, you guys know this she collects rocks she studies rocks she actually did her PhD in it. So she brings me back these beautiful amazing rocks and.

I like to frame them, but my bed beads are Tibetan prayer flags they were a gift from my aunt along with the beads, but, you don’t really know what kind of these these are, but they’re super amazing. And gorgeous. I’m not fitting prayer flags.

And typically see them in like the Himalayas. And high mountain passes. And there’s a lot of different meanings, but they’re meant to bless the countryside.

And when, you look at them you’re supposed to like continually send out your prayers of. And as, you do. So he also benefit from, you know their blessing the flags blessings and, this is the evil eye these talismans are meant to reflect the power of the evil look or the evil eye.

And ward off that negative energy, it’s really big in Turkey, you can find these everywhere. And most of the Turkish people have one. And next we’re moving on to map number two yes.

So, this is a map of Tobago that. I picked up when I was in Tobago now if you guys remember if you could fall around my blog for a while.

I actually spent two a month in Tobago. I want a contest back in 2018. So when.

I saw this map at one of the shops. I thought it was the perfect souvenir because. I’ve literally been to all these places on this map kind of cool because, this is like.

So what Pirates of the Caribbean literally solutely my Pirates of the Caribbean Tobago map we have my night table um. So first let’s go through the objects on the night table then I’ll take, you through the extra furniture we have my Himalayan salt crystal lamp, this is a beautiful lamp at nighttime when I’m just wanting to like then.

And study. And just chillax. I put my laughs on next.

I’ve got a bamboo tree. I’ve got some candles. So good stuff this one was from pure one, this is actually Christmas candle that.

I’m still working my way through this one’s from Urban Outfitters this one is peppermint this one is a vanilla, this is from Turkey this was actually a Turkish Delight holder usually put Turkish lean again more rocks in my little moon shaped holder the moon she told her, this is from Urban Outfitters the rock variety of sources again for my mom. And my sister, this is my little world cup another map cup, you see a lot of maps in my room. I think, it’s kind of applicable.

I’m allowed to have maps. I am a world traveler just put all my receipts from various things that. I purchased, this is my nightstand, but here we go we have a beautiful wicker basket and, this is kind of my um just have a lot of random stuff in here there’s no rhyme.

And reason to it. So the nightstand is part of my furniture set which matches with this dresser my beauty. And the beast’ dresser or wardrobe technically, it’s a wardrobe.

So that one matches with that. I call it my beauty in the beasts wardrobe because it literally looks like Belle’s wardrobe when she was staying at the beasts castle. So now inside my wardrobe we just open that up get all of my clothes which.

I’ve. So nicely folded just for, you Internet. And yeah bus in there’s intimates.

And socks. And bathing suits. And I’ll show, you the top of my wardrobe.

So myself. I have my hat collection yeah my hat six up there. I have this amazing beautiful wood sculpture now.

I got this in Africa and. I was in South Africa hand-carved it actually opens up. So see it opens up the bed up here.

And, it’s a bowl there. I don’t actually have anything that. I put in it another world globe.

I haven’t mother was in my room apparently. So next up. I have my meditating Buddha, but this one is for people looking for peace.

And calm in their lives. I like it in my bedroom. I feel like that’s like propria to.

And sleep. I know. I get.

I get like anxiety sometimes from all my work. And all the stress of travel next up. I have a plant oh gosh what kind of plant was this again, it’s a vining plant because.

I wanted it to kind of line down in my dresser currently. I have it it is really really cute tea cup book, it’s like a coffee mug a plant holder. I found it at urban barn.

And then elastic here. I have my Turkish lamps B is now if you guys were following my snapchat while like a long time ago last year in May the story behind these lamps. I personally carried these lamps all the way from Turkey to LA to Vegas oh my goodness these lips have come a long long way and, this is kind of just filled with extra these are like bags.

So any kind of bag that. I need for the day. I have belts in there my pots will have my purse that.

I keep just down there another painting um, this is from wow, this is my long time ago like 2010. I won my first trips. I took wood dancer painting from Bali whoo all right closet time ladies prepare yourself or actually not that much of an excitement that’s pretty much it.

I don’t know what else to tell, you these are my clothes does my shoes that’s my dirty laundry, this is kind of like or like packed away stuff like in there, it’s like sports gear that. I’m not currently using that’s my winter stuff, it’s business stuff, this is some like extra hats. And packing in there is like extra bags.

And those are childhood stuff animal that mean a lot to me good lecture like respect animal this one right here bye bunny okay, this is a hanging candle. So, you can actually put a candle in there. I also got that in Turkey although.

I don’t hang it up for my ceiling something is really tall. So now we have more Goodluck charms these are actually from China so. I have two of these.

I’m hanging in my room the goldfish which is a symbol for wealth. So here we have the Chinese knot. And then we also have the goldfish which is a symbol for wealth.

So moving on from my dresser we have my mirror, this is actually a jury mirror. So inside of, this is what all of my jewelry is types of earrings from all over you’re in collections more clothes clearly bracelets. And then we’ve got a whole assortment of necklaces more necklaces.

And also here at the bottom. I have like my jewelry bags that. I kind of put all of my jewelry in.

And then other smaller ones for smaller trips. And that works. So great so.

I just bought that at London Drugs like this you’ve never seen this before nope, this is my bookshelf, this is maybe, it’s building skills numero dos because. I built this amazing bookshelf, this is basically a stack of seven wooden crates that. I have.

I bought it at Home Depot and. I sanded them all down. And then stained them and.

I stack them like this they’re not tapped or anything, but just kind of loose hanging out there. And they work amazing as a bookshelf as, you can see the eighth one is currently over there. So yeah, this is my bookshelf all right let me not forget about these these are my slip in school keychains from Maribor.

And that is. So let’s go. So, this is from when.

I was in Celestia for some incense which. I actually have an instant burner down there, this is actually a jewelry case, this is a ring holder that. I bought it Urban Outfitters, but because.

I have the mere vanity. I don’t actually need my rings there so. I put this string of fairy lights kind of attached around it which looks okay in daylight, but looks amazing at night.

So in downwards we have my sunglass collection. I have this beautiful wood piccolo that my mom bought me. I don’t remember where it was from.

I have my lucky cat. So, this is another Chinese Lux good luck symbol this one is lucky love my love lucky cat perfume collection now have, you ever wondered what Abby smells like these are the current two perfumes. I use the most, it’s C by Giorgio Armani.

And we have my Yves Saint Laurent, this is manifesto plus. I have a couple other really pretty ones from France that one is Justin Bieber actually it is just dim busier it smelled like vanilla. I like vanilla smells vanilla woody smells.

And Miranda’s ready behind those is another beautiful wood sculpture, this is from Bali as well, this is a and. I bought it like fool like six years ago when I went to Bali book collection hope you’re starting to see a theme here that’s right they’re all fantasy books.

I’m really into fantasy books these are actually Kem holders. I bought them in. I believe.

I don’t from them or somewhere in Eastern Europe, it’s like a really cute shop believe those in Germany almost now we get into like my older school books got there. And oh what is this my Barack Obama White presidential chocolates from when I went to the White House.

I saved them because. And every day, you get presidential chocolates from Brock Obama. So that’s pretty cool next up.

I have another piece of artwork now, this is from Salvador Brazil it basically summarizes everything Bahia Brazilian the these type of paintings are everywhere because it’s so colorful of idea in the popper, you know, you ever go to Brazil Salvador area you’ll understand why but I thought that was a beautiful little piece that wasn’t too big so.

I could carry it in my backpack because. I carried this in my backpack for like three weeks just kind of crazy to think about see another fairy figure made told, you we’ve got a little soap from Istanbul. And another cute carved cat box that.

I just put some more trinkets in, this is a gift for my aunt don’t know where, it’s from, but, it’s really pretty cuz. I like cats moving off my bookshelf we have my door. And then we add back over here.

And we’re back at the beginning. So now you’ve seen my bedroom. I feel like we’re just this much more closer.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it and. I can watch this post if you enjoyed it please thumbs up. And don’t forget to comment to my blog for more posts from me alright thanks for reading bye.

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