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1598 The Edict of Nantes, issued by Henry IV of France, grants limited religious liberties to French Protestants, known as Huguenots. Guinea Subway Map The edict also establishes several Protestant havens inside deeply Catholic France. Later French rulers will restrict Protestant liberties, and the edict will be revoked in 1685. 16001603 English military leader Lord Mountjoy suppresses the Earl of Tyrone’s Rebellion in Ireland. The Spanish had supported the rebellion in part as a response to English attacks on Spanish outposts in the Caribbean and South Country. 1603 Queen Elizabeth I dies.

James VI of Scotland is crowned King James I of England. 1605 The Gunpowder Plot, a scheme by Catholics to blow up the British Parliament, is discovered before it can be executed. 1607 The Jamestown colony is founded by English adventurers in Virginia. Because of its location in a swampy area on the York-James peninsula, Jamestown is plagued by all manner of mosquito-borne illnesses. Many settlers will be lost to disease and starvation before the colony begins to thrive. 1609 Beginning of the Twelve Year’s Truce between the Spanish and the Dutch, temporarily ending the conflict between the two sides over the territory that is now Belgium.

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