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Other interesting EVPs came in the master bedroom. This bedroom is believed to be Benajah Ticknor and his wife’s. While Lisa’s group was in the attic and our group was downstairs, a single word was recorded, “Ben.”

Next came audio from my time in the sick room. We were standing just outside when the first EVP occurred. It is believed to say, “Jay Ticknor.” There are a few interpretations of the first name. One is “Jane” the other “Shane” but the last name of Ticknor seems fairly certain.

There was an Ellen Jane Ticknor in the family. She was Heman’s daughter and born at Cobblestone Farm. Ellen Jane was very ill with consumption (TB) but actually passed away in a home across the street in 1864. It could also be that Benajah Ticknor had the nickname of Jay (Bena-jah).

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