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On an African safari where, and when will the real Africa reveal itself female lions or lionesses do most of the hunting for their pride being smaller swifter, and more agile than the males many Lions great trip.

I am a professional biologist. And so I have been reading, and studying about Africa, and the animals, and the plants, and also about the evolution of man in Africa for many many decades. This is my first trip to Africa, and therefore, it’s a dream come true we fell in love with Africa years ago, and we keep coming back last trip all the big five, and this trip Lions mating night time is when this part really comes to life animals emerge from there slumberous hideouts to drink forage, and hunt lions can eat pounds of meat in one sitting the sleep that follows can last hours.

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We’ve had some great conversations, and staff about their personal lives, and their stories, and ideas it just enriches the whole experience, it’s much more than a yesterday was game it was beautiful animals beautiful scenery new beautiful geology today’s very very cultural we stepped in a lot of villages we have enormous fun little kids waving at us in this rural area children are encouraged to take on adult tasks at seven or eight girls start to help in the house, and boys begin to herd livestock seeing. How they go about their daily lives they’re now preparing some of the brains are coming now, and then they have hoeing the fields making the fences matching their husbands a real in sentiment is cultural insider to daily life in it right. So you can imagine a baby on the bed a bucket of water like this on their heads that’s why we’re going to every day, and usually like three times a day oh now we got the professionals doing it women in rural Zimbabwe spend an average of an hour each day collecting fuel, and water each of these five gallon buckets weighs over pounds. I couldn’t even begin to lift it.

I probably couldn’t even get it up over my mother’s, and she put it on her head with a baby on her back too. So different from what we do, and it’s. This is just the beginning of our day.

I can’t imagine what else we’re going to see today. I think, it’s great but. I would not don’t not sure.

I would like to do it but, it’s wonderful well there’s a salty crappy, and warm, and friendly. I love to see. How families, and other parts of the world interact with each other live together this staple dish called Sode Sode is a porch prepared by blending white corn with water to create a chunky paste, it’s often consumed with leafy vegetables. Because the young people are the future of the country, and it’s important to see. How educated they travelers are interacting with the kids is the kids are benefiting from interacting with the people of a different culture, and a bit of a different race.

So that when they go out there in the world they would fit in quite easily. Because they have experienced that from a tender age like what they’re doing right now the only seven years primary education this school provides it also offers food to the students throughout the school year for the kids is an exposure to the world out there. And it’s so exciting that they’re finally get made us feel good to bring things.

I think that the free being there all alone for the longest time until he finally died no now there are eight of them ready to see the joy they get out of life very hard, and it’s one of the reasons that come back to Africa our last day, and okavanga delta we saw three leopards in the morning she’s in the middle of the day, and a breeding pair of lions at the end of the day, and we even saw them breed. So that was my banner day all a T stands for organized awesome travelers from Africa’s spectacular big game to its colorful local cultures the true gems of the continent are here to be discovered now. This is a tender an experience that.

I want to do for a long long time. I am like a child in a store full of chocolate, and candy except the chocolate, and candies or my great you.

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