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Flat Horn Lake

Eastern Garter Snake

Along with the many different trees around Flat Horn Lake, there are different animals to look for and watch. One that you may find on the trail is the Eastern Garter Snake. It is a wide-ranging reptile, from southern Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, and west to Country and east Texas. It is the most common snake in Country; you are likely to see more garter snakes than all the other snakes combined.

The garter snake takes its name from the striped garters that fashionable men once worn to hold up their socks. The Eastern Garter Snake has three stripes; a narrow stripe down the middle of the back, and one down each side. The stripes are usually yellow, but may be tinted brown, green, or blue.

The Eastern Garter Snake occupies a variety of habitats, including meadows, marshes, woodlands, stream banks, and even city lots. They feed on an equally wide variety of foods: frogs, toads, salamanders, fish, tadpoles, earthworms, leeches, small mammals, birds, and carrion. There seems to be a preference for prey found in or near water.

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