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Sao Paulo has Ibirapuera Park, largest of its kind. The park covers two million square meters and contains ten exhibition halls. The Zoological Park is also the largest in the world. Sao Paulo is Brazil’s Chicago and Detroit put together. One of the world’s largest cities, it continues to grow as peasants move in from around the country hoping for a better life.

It comes as a surprise to most that Brazil occupies half the land mass of South America and contains half the continent’s population. It is the fifth largest country in land size in the world. Brazil is the eighth largest industrial power in the world. Its Itaipu hydroelectric project, shared with Paraguay, on the Parana River will produce 12.6 million kilowatts of electricity, the largest hydroelectric facility in the world. Another similar project, Tucurui, has a projected generating capacity of 8.4 million kilowatts.

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