Pleasant River

Key Species: brown trout, brook trout Best Way to Fish: wading Best Time to Fish: April through June MAG: 5, D-2

Description: This high-quality trout stream is not far from Portland, Maines largest city. The idyllic setting is the kind you see on calendars: glassy runs, tumbling riffles, ferns growing along the bank, and ancient maple trees spreading their limbs over quiet pools. For the most part, the Pleasant River is easily waded. In spite of streamside brush and obstructions, some bank fishing is possible, especially in the summer when lower water levels let you jump from rock to rock as you fish. Special fishing regulations are in effect, in the form of no-kill and artificial lures only from the U.S. Route 302 bridge downstream to the River Road bridge. Motels are available in North Windham and camping is available at nearby Sebago Lake State Park.

Fishing index: The Pleasant River is a good place for early-season fly fishing. The catch-and-release section, from the U.S. Route 302 bridge downstream to the River Road bridge, was the beneficiary of a recent stream improvement project. The river has good mayfly and caddis fly hatches in May. If you come in April, bring a sinking fly line and plenty of brightly colored bucktails and streamer flies, such as Mickey Finn and Edson tiger light. Spin fishers should

Angler survey boxes, such as this one on thePresumpscot River, are present on many Maine waters. Maines fishery managers rely upon this information in designing their management plans for each water. Be sure to do your part and fill out a card. bring an assortment of ultralight spoons and spinners. The Pleasant River receives heavy annual stockings of brown trout and brook trout.

Directions: In North Windham, drive south on U.S. Route 302 to the U.S. Route 302 bridge over the Pleasant River, just out of town. Other access points include the Cook Road Bridge, the bridge at Pope Road, and the bridge at Windham Center Road.

For more information: Call Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Regional Office in Gray.

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