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S. government in Haiti (and elsewhere). These and Buenos Aires Map Tourist Attractions other initiatives resulted in what, for Haiti, was a miracle. In February 1996 Rene Preval Buenos Aires Map Tourist Attractions replaced Jean-Bertrand Aristide as president. Both had been elected in what was described by American and other outside observers as fair elections. This was the first time in history that Haiti had a successful transition between two democratically elected presidents.

They asked if the spirit knew Jim Doherty, one of the Doherty Hotel’s current owners. The K2 responded positively. When asked if the spirit would like to send a message to Jim, the K2 again jumped. Lorena and Kat looked at each other knowing the loud grinding of the sump pump would likely eliminate hearing an audible response, if there was one.

Using the K2’s response, a series of questions revealed that the spirit was around 92 years old and had some attachment to the Doherty Hotel. The K2 responded positively to questions of a second female spirit presence.

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