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Can’t believe it it snowed last night Oh looks like snow is coming tiny tiny one my hands are frozen kind of it looks like a face this is basic we’ve been starting every single morning since we’ve come here we wake up we get freezing, and we run outside, and jump in the spa, and I’ve been making Stephen breakfast, and this time it was like can I make you breakfast I was like maybe we should have stick with the coffee, and I will have pancakes or AIDS are we’ve been really into place lately I think we’re really gonna need to go on a diet Hey literally the best way to start every day cheers Bobby whoa how we not gonna start everybody like this, I’m gonna miss it so much especially. Because it’s snow to this extra snow except all the snow is melting now like I don’t know if they can see it. But there’s all these drips coming up.

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Because this snows are melting guys even though it snowed last night we just got a phone call, and our two adventure activities that we’re gonna go do today got canceled we’re gonna go snowmobiling we’re gonna go like sleigh ride dog sledding apparently didn’t snow enough. So as far as all we have to do today is just enjoy this huge house guys you don’t trust a little car getting out of this driveway, and we want to leave the house. So we’re starting our chores well ice crystals from the roof well that’s really fun oh my gosh it’s like Oh lots of noise or something well that long that is you’re ready like a spear well they’re really fun to have a go at breaking them this super fun oh wow mine are so cool huh okay let’s try, and get out of here you gonna be fine I think we like being extra precautious they said they were all way the tires whatever that means Stevens just extra precautious, and we’re also really worried about making the cast slip backwards into this gigantic al. So it goes see he’s fine no we’re just gonna see how we go making it out this hill. Because it is still quite snowy I told you be fine do you see that Jeep trying to get into it like our next-door neighbor why do all this oh it’s actually kind of cool seeing the ground of snowy hey nervous do kind of fun Oh girls no I anyway no just had melted towards us guys we’ve had an idea, and the idea involves Walmart. So we’re going to the closest town that has a Walmart which is called Gunnison, and it is just as cute as Crested Butte there’s about 30 minutes away. So we’re going on like a little mini morning route trip at least we’re fitting into Walmart go on there, and uh pajamas alrighty we just got back, and there’s a bit of a fail.

Because they didn’t have lights. So didn’t have chin. So left they only had ball balls, and we’ve found the perfect Christmas tree. Because we don’t have a Christmas tree this year we were in the spa, and then I saw the subscreen I was like Steve that is the perfect Christmas tree. So really scared of all bubbles I don’t feel like we have a Christmas tree this year you know that Bex has it probably already done her Christmas tree yeah we’ll give it a try quick review of our $4.99 Walmart baubles cheap. But that’s all they had also we noticed in America you guys don’t have the little string let’s get that extra let’s show y’all tree we tried we couldn’t even reach what the car top does have fine coins yeah yeah Denton, and ivory the person that owns the house doesn’t mind that we gave them go to Christmas cheer this Christmas guys we forgot to show you.

Because I think every time we were in here we just kind of crashed afterwards we’ve been spending our nights in the basement basement a very cool basement reading Christmas movies well being conned up with this personal Christmas movie. But hallmark you have not made one good movie I know what’s on hallmark tonight there’s got to be a good one on in the shopping blogs you know when they just want to keep making you buy stuff also America you never want me to buy your drugs you’re like you know like pharmaceutical drugs 30% of the advert is telling me how good it is 70 percent is like a disclaimer guard do not try this you might get diarrhea all this stuff no you might die from taking these toddlers that is meant to save you from thirsty, and I think officially out of water. But let me try something actually it gets. So cold at night that I bet you if I left you there you’ll be cold soon we realize we have spent seven nights here this is the final night the seventh night in this very comfy I will say very comfy bed. But when you have seven bedrooms, and seven nights without testing any of the other beds. So we need to go work out which is the best bed this is how we are we spend our Friday nights come on be in the top bunk you know up office as cool as asleep idea would be I think you know which bed mean a big we don’t have the heart to throw out our gingerbread house. So hopefully the owner enjoys it oh also in Colorado we don’t need freezes aah oh my gosh it is frozen I don’t want to leave this place was so amazing, and we haven’t stayed in a place by we haven’t stayed at a place for seven days in. So long that was great. But now it’s time the four, and a half hour drive back to Denver guys swans think if we have filled our quota of showing of coffee at least once in a in a post no okay okay guys don’t judge us mental state really it is actually not spend a lot of money we’re ready say bye-bye Chapel yes, and hello to Samsung you guys might have noticed that we haven’t been flying the drone as much recently especially towards the end of South America. Because we still use an iPhone five not operated for. So long, and it is officially dead sorry for Christmas we’re getting each other one Samsung we’re in a sales point we only ever like to upgrade equipment if we hack absolutely have to I know in this week we learned bought a GoPro six, and now a brand new phone. But we needed to upgrade our GoPro things we hadn’t I go for four, and an iPhone 5 it’s time plus all those upcoming trips in 2018 we told you guys about in the QA if we need the GoPro 4. But, I’m gonna need the joint we need the drone.

So we’re done with yeah we’ll talk about why we’re moving away from hassle in another post of it we come down to Best Buy hopefully they have it in stock alrighty don’t fail us Best Buy clubs that’s the exhibit honey this is the one we’re going for it’s gonna be a new baby ok I understand how crazy this looks going from that insane mansion to then buying $1000 for now unboxing this in a fifty dollar hostel. But that is travel, and we’re literally here for five hours we had actually do a meet-up in Denver. So excited to meet you guys at the Christmas markets. But we needed a place. But I had this with a 4:00 a.m. flight to catch tomorrow sorry.

But I understand the judgement of college in I couldn’t wait I couldn’t wait to go to Canada. Because I just love Tech so much, and I wanted to quickly unbox this beautiful new phone, and if you guys were interested I can do a post similar to the GoPro post they came out a few days ago on what it is like to post on a phone cuz a lot of people also use phones for postging very nice very nice. So we decided to go for I think it’s called the midnight black version that is a beautiful looking phone it actually sits quite nice, and hand I was worried that being a gigantic phone grown from the iPhone 5 to this it would feel huge. But that is really nice, and one more thing. So pretty much in the box you get like your standard charges. But the thing I am most excited for is that it has a headphone jack. So we can actually use the headphones, and charge sorry for the Apple thing with that you know the way you for one more thing that is this little thing you know they’re all waiting for what you’ve got a pool come in come in this is the funnest part I love doing this a cellist which way this agrees okay from there oh, I’m so excited to use it remember this don’t touch it it’s not bothering the screen protector or sharing.

Because of back in Denver City it always feels like we’re back home again. Because there’s not many times that we revisit places. So it kind of feels like our home crew. Because if you saw the other Denver posts you know we pretty much just stayed on 16th Street Mall we’re just gonna walk around do some last-minute try yes all righty, I’m so glad that we did this meetup. Because this is insane because. So many of you guys can darling this is the biggest one this is a run yeah even some moms came down thanks so much for coming guys.

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