My mother mother money money that’s what y’all came here for right hello.

And welcome to my how to travel guide budgets edition part 1 yes now budgets. And money. And travel is a huge topic so.

I’ve split up my how to travel guide into three different budget sections yes three of them. So first section will cover pre trip. And how much you’ll need for your trip the second episode will cover up saving up for travel.


And will give, you 1 2 tips. And advice. And how, you could save money to put towards travel.

And the third episode of our budgets additional cover spending wisely on the road now when dealing with travel, it’s easier to think of it in smaller chunks. And not like this big overwhelming amount because if you’re anything like me when, you hear the number three thousand five thousand eight thousand dollars for a trip, you kind of go oh my gosh. I’m there’s no way.

I have that kind of money there’s no way. I can possibly travel well, you do, you just might not have it at this exact moment, but that doesn’t mean, you won’t ever have that kind of money. So if you are planning a trip that will cost approximately three thousand US dollars that, you wish to take next year that’s only fifty eight dollars a week u.

s. that, you need to put aside everyone can cut fifty eight dollars a week out of their budget. I guarantee, you not three thousand dollars u.

s. that, you will have saved up at the end of the year. We’ll get, you a two-week vacation almost anywhere in the world.

So first we’re going to cover how much exactly you’ll need obviously there’s a variety of factors here. So how to figure out which ones are more suitable to, you. And your trip oh how much are we gonna need, it’s time to take out your notebook.

So the first thing we’re going to do is we are going to break down our biggest costs involved in our trip. So these will be our airfare our accommodation. And eight tours that we’re going to take.

And we are putting our biggest expenses first which 90% of the time will be our airfare the more time, you have to research your flights the better deals you’re probably going to get. So what are your biggest tools that, you should be using is an airline flight comparison engine these are things like kayak or Skyscanner even Expedia or Travelocity all any of those that compare a bunch of different airline rates. And a lot of these engines have a option where, you can watch your set flight.

So try. And get a whole bunch of different rates go to your local flight agent they can get, you an even better deal online sometimes generally though try not to book a large international flight less than two or three weeks before your trip those ones, you kind of want to give a little bit more leeway for because the prices go when it gets closer. And if you’re concerned about budgets the earlier, you could book your trip the better because then, you can get that cost of your flight away.

And done with if you are a frequent traveler. And. I’m talking about if you take a plane trip at least once every two to three months then, you kind of fall under this umbrella of frequent travelers in which case it is worthwhile to get an airline loyalty card.

And to try. And stick with the same alliance of Airlines there’s really just two star alliance or one world to try to pick one of them. And join an airline loyalty programs card for one of those like conglomerate airline alliances.

So then, you just generally fly in there and, you can rank a points. And get free flights there is also this magical thing called a round-the-world ticket it really is magical guys a round-the-world ticket is exactly what it sounds like it is a round-the-world ticket. So if you weren’t planning a longer trip, but.

I’m saying to really like get value of it, you need to be traveling for minimum three generally six months or more to booked this kind of ticket because they are very pricey. I’m talking like a couple thousand dollars, but, you you start on one location. And depending on the exact like ticket, you can fly to multiple destinations over a period of this three to six to one year.

So it lets, you do a bunch of different stops all technically in one ticket. So, you get a much better deal from the airline carriers um by purchasing this sometimes, it’s also worth looking at low-cost carrier or other means of transportation such as buses or trains to get to your destination. So do, you remember that list of countries we made a couple previous episodes ago yeah.

So each country a visit will have a different rate of how much their dollar is worth against your dollar for example if you are a US traveler with US Dollars and, you are going to the UK. So you’re going to be changing your u.s.

dollars into British pound sterling, you are going to get a lot less for the same amount of money then say if you took that exact same amount of US Dollars and, you went to a country where their currency is not as strong such as Thailand and, you change it into Thai Baht. So in Thailand you’re that same amount will stretch out way farther and, you can travel for a lot longer then if you traveled to the UK where your money will not stretch out as far. So going to end the tour ously expensive countries such as Norway Sweden the UK Switzerland Australia or Brazil your currency unless you’re one of those ones will not go as far, you will get less for the same amount of money and, you will not be able to travel for as long then if you went to a more developing country or country with a weaker currency than the one that, you are going to now.

I’m not saying that, you shouldn’t travel to a country with a stronger currency, but, it’s just something to keep in mind when, you are budgeting yeah. So play around with currencies. And really figure out how much your money is going to get, you in the country that, you are wishing to visit accomodation.

I will be covering these more in depth in a separate post, but accommodations will generally be your second largest cost when traveling. So if you are trying to be budget savvy try. And stay at hostels or be in bees try if you’re going for longer periods of time try to rent a place there’s couchsurfing where, you stand strangers couches there is staying with friends, you know much money, you can save, you stay with friends assuming you’ve got friends in country if.

I don’t know any be like that with friends, you just be like yo hey. I’m just coming to your country in that stay with, you yes well whatever o do it because, you won’t they have a lot of money what. I’m trying to say is that, you don’t always have to default to hotels when, you travel there are a lot of other options, but then again of course if you really want to stay at hotels by all means do that if you have the money and, you can budget it in do it because there are some very beautiful luxurious relaxing hotels.

And they can make your trip for, you but I just want to let, you know that if you are a budget. I would probably stay clear because they will eat up your budget very quickly what to do.

And see. So activities. And tours this will be your third ish biggest cost well the point of travel is to go out.

And see things. And travel is it not. I just really hate seeing people who are traveling to these beautiful remote exotic locations.

And they can’t do anything they can’t do the activities or go see something because they didn’t budget it in their trip enough they made the mistake of not budgeting in to make sure that when you’re traveling, you write down a list of your top destinations the top things, you want to see find out how much they cost. And put that in your budget as a must do because near the end of the trip. I guarantee, you this will happen to, you you will end up feeling really right on money.

And if your big items. And your top things, you want to see are near the end of your trip. I would hate it if you had to miss out on that because, you just simply didn’t have the money that, you spent on other things later on the tour yeah food.

So, you can spend as little or a lot on food the best part of this section of your budget is that it is the most flexible and, you can adjust it while on the road. So a good rule of thumb that. I like to follow in my food budget while traveling is the rule of thirds.

So 1 3 of the food that. I’m going to eat on my trip is going to be simple quick cheap and. I will generally cook it to myself or prepare it myself in the hostel or in my hotel room or beam beam whatever breakfast sandwiches done.

So another third is going to be quick again simple on the go kind of snacks these are things that you’d pick up at like a sandwich shop or cafe or just a fast food item just something really simple. And something pretty cheap nothing too fancy. And then the last third of the food that.

I’m going to eat while traveling is going to be the sit-down restaurant the local cuisine the trying the different flavors of the country that you’re visiting because, you are traveling obviously, you want to try the amazing food in the country that, you are visiting. I really enjoy the rule of thirds because it allows, you to save money while, you do travels for longer periods of time. And it also allows, you to have that third budgeted in.

So that, you can enjoy the food of the places that, you are traveling to because. I would hate for, you to miss out on all the amazing cuisines that are when, you travel. And visit places buying yeah shopping whoo again this can be as little or as much as, you want to spend.

I’m usually not a big shopper when it comes to travel, but some people really enjoy shopping in other countries. So this will vary depending on what type of person, you are so know that know what type of shopper, you are if you are a shopper make sure, you allow money to shop.

And if you aren’t then maybe just a bit of money for some souvenirs cuz everybody always has to get some souvenirs friends portation again. I will be covering this in another post more in depth, but think about the different types. And methods of transportation that, you will need on your trip are, you taking a bus are, you taking a ferry a train more inter city or inter country continental whatever flights are, you will love any of these be required in your travels if they are try.

And see if you can research the prices for them beforehand, you don’t have to book them right away, but know approximately how much they are going to cost, you. And write that down into your budget. And finally pre trip costs now, this is something that a lot of people tend to forget about until literally right before their trip.

So these include things like visas traveler’s insurance medical insurance. And vaccines. And shots if you’re going to a a remote destination these can cost several hundred dollars very expensive um backpacks.

And luggage, you might not have the exact luggage needed for the trip that you’re going to take as well as little things like summer dresses or a new bikini just saying expenses add up to a lot. So make sure that, you have that budgeted in to your travel. So, you are not suddenly forking over hundreds of dollars right before, you go on trip.

And being my gosh what is happening all right. So that’s the end of this post. I hope, you guys have gotten some really good tips.

And some advice on how, you can try. And sort out a budget for the trip that, you are going to take yeah. And next week.

I will be talking about all the different ways that, you can save money. So getting a whole bunch of tips on how, you can save up for this trip. And the budget that, you have now created yes ah thank you.

So much for reading if you like this post please give it a thumbs up. And let me know your questions. And comments down below.

I really look forward to hearing all that. And yeah make sure, you comment to my blog if you want to see more posts like this. And yeah.

I will see, you again in a few days bye guys hi guys welcome back to my how-to travel series basically my web series where. I give, you a step-by-step guide on how to plan your own trip or travels. So, this is a part two of my last week’s post which was the travel Styles post if you haven’t seen it click here alright.

I’m assuming that we’ve all seen it now. ?

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