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The Romans thought that silk grew on trees. TWO ALONG China 4g map THE SILK ROAD On arrival at 7 a.m. at the bus depot I was China 4g map greeted by a scene of commotion. Scores of people with bundles, boxes and suitcases were trying to haul their luggage on to the bus roofrack, with much noise and clamour of voices. We weren’t allowed to get on the bus until 7. The Cultural Revolution must have been an amazingly powerful force of destruction, to reach all this way south-west and obliterate nearly 350 monasteries on a remote mountain. Of this ruin, four archways are left, and the flights of steps up to a gatehouse which lies in rubble under ferny weeds. Through gaping cracks in the marble flooring grew purple and white ground-orchids and mauve-spotted lilies. Venus hair was in bloom with dainty leaves and even daintier purple star flowers. Buddleia, blue primulas and Michaelmas daisies also abounded. The forest has begun to close in over the ruins; from the branches hung trailing beards of tree moss and curtain-like drapes of grey-green filmy lichen.

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