They might be a bit crispy. But the one time we’re allowed to eat hot cross buns happy Easter I love this Disney mug that jess has Pat down two mornings happy Good Friday everybody I hope you have a good day today well Jess quickly gets ready, I’m gonna quickly sneak in a quick try on my new game, and then I will quickly jump in the shower – someone put Kevin Spacey in my game hello there run away she’s waiting, I’m coming to get you my morning pancakes this morning last night we said we were gonna have pancakes instead we came to be chat we do finish in last time.


So now we’re sharing with three people she is everyone I know it’s a lot of time seriously where’s the pancake I’ve got my liquid goodness, and I don’t know what this is celery drink or something the grim blueberry, I’m reading your table yes in my coffee I feel like my sister has way too many pillows do you miss having your personal hair braider Brady’s on Oreos at damnit love you like you have to teach true dummy Happy Easter yeah how are you eating some hot cross buns no we just went for pancakes up hilary’s oh thank you Dad, and this one wants very good I think he is singing Happy Easter we found the shop that’s how you can say which is good. Because we’re gonna get a picnic, and therefore picnic with Ashley in my eyes she, and Heidi it Carly following off to the back, and we’re gonna take them to that pretty God in place we found up in care enough Heidi actually told us about it. But she’d never beans, and we get to sugar most of the commenters on we down here at the secret garden Ashley, and Heidi, and they managed to squeeze us in. Because they head into Elba new for the weekend. Because that’s where most of Ashley’s family is at the moment you that’s where you met me yes now we will discuss in me Jess do you say happy Easter today what do you say on Sunday happy Easter weekend yeah. But remember last time we came here we like this would be a perfect picnic place for Ashley, and Heidi, and we’re doing it taking them yeah what do you think this is a nice spot to set up our picnic yeah let’s just do it here yeah, and I’ve got a blanket in here too this is like the perfect spot look at Ashley’s like background mm-hmm I swear we’ve just been eating through the entire day anyway Cheers with your healthy that’s arrived we had coffee today, and Claire had like a green smoothie oh sorry semi convinced Ashley, and Heidi to do like little posts like special moments like Easter, and Christmas it’s not for that they want to keep it like. Because they’ve realized how cool it is having a lose memory.

So they’re out there doing their first we have to run away. Because was the first time them talking seriously love this place someone’s like Anthony oh it’s like a tepee tent well I love it that looks incredible it’s super hot today. But a super muggy today like there’s no Sun out, and we’ve just had to leave. Because we’ve all started sweating up a storm which is like pretty vines, and stuff beautiful I love this place I love it enjoy time in elven e thanks thank you guys you too by the way how cool does just as braids look I like the little side thing going on black it was so hot today. But my predictions art is gonna be a storm that’s gonna start today, and I think it’s gonna go the entire Easter weekend. So I think we’re gonna be indoors most of the weekend unless we go, and find our umbrella.

But what did you guys get up to any stuff I hope you had a bit better weather than us I think girls in this house right now, I’m so lonely, I’m playing the game what are you doing best way to end a public holiday is with some Cola Judy well just cackles in the background on a post the boys are playing their post games. So I guess, I’m gonna grab a shower it is seriously inking off its or what sweaty I seriously don’t know what to do with my life right now. Because I am not very good at call of duty, and that’s all they do, and I plan to corner Doreen everything up my waiting room Barry gettin ready for a shower, and I guess, I’m gonna jump in denim or some I literally had a cold shower it is so hot. But, I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be autumn, and I look like what’s gonna burst all, and then the words just still hot, I’m sorry about complaining about the weather, and it’s ready for it to cool down a bit, and also I know a lot of you guys are from the US, and from Europe, and you guys have been jealous. Because we’ve had such hot where they knew those winds are cold. But it is spring now.

So I hope you guys are starting to get warmer weather Stephen, and Jenny still playing the game. So I think, I’m just gonna chill, and go to bed, and I might just end the post here cuz, I’m sure they’re gonna be playing throughout the night. So goodnight guys I hope you guys have a great Easter weekend, and we’ll see you tomorrow bye.

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