Safety Tips While Traveling In Europe

Holiday reps and tour guides

Some holidays have the benefit of a representative or tour guide employed by the holiday company. They are supposedly on hand to resolve any problems, and to make your holiday as enjoyable as it can be.

I say they are supposedly there, but it doesn’t always work like that. I hate organised tours, partly because the reps don’t actually do their job. Rather than make themselves available to resolve any problems or issues as they arise, they often demand that you attend them at a time and place to suit them.

On my one and only organised tour, the rep said he would be in reception between ten and eleven each morning. If we had any problems we were to wait for him there, though he said he might sometimes run late! His main interest was to sell us overpriced tours and extras for which he was paid a commission. He wasn’t interested in listening to problems. As soon as he realised we didn’t want to buy his tickets he left, ignoring the group and the problem we had with our accommodation.

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Reps and tour guides – countermeasures

A holiday can go wrong even when you have made every effort to make sure that everything was as it should be. If something goes wrong, maximise your chances of forcing the company to make sure that the problem is solved or it does not occur again, as well as getting yourself some compensation.

Always make sure that you understand exactly what is being offered, what the schedules are and what you are entitled to when organising and arranging a holiday.

Make sure that you have a named contact point for subsequent questions. You don’t want to speak to somebody different every time and spend half an hour explaining what you bloged, what your question is, then waiting for an hour while they try to find out. Go straight to the person who bloged your trip and who hopefully understands it.

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If there is a problem, speak to a representative of the company as soon as possible, explain what the problems are and ask what the rep is going to do to resolve those problems and when you can expect a result.

Remember that the travel company representatives are supposed to be there to make your holiday enjoyable. In other words, they should fit in with you, not the other way round. I don’t see why I should ruin a whole day of my (expensive) holiday just waiting for the opportunity to say there is a problem. Even if I did sit and wait for them, it could take the representative another day or two to resolve the problem, by which time my holiday is nearly over. I ask for a telephone number so that I can call when and if I have a problem. If they refuse. I complain to their head office

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